Another accusation: Charlie Rose

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    I’m starting to think that every male in this country is a walking target. Watch out guys!
    While some of these accusations are true, I also question the validity of others. Actor Jeremy Pivens has also been acused by 3 different women of sexual assault. Apparently he took a lie detector test to prove he was innocent and it came back he was telling the truth.Not sure if that matters because I don’t think a lie detector test matters because it doesn’t hold up in court.


    This is a good thing. Yes, men should be walking around looking over their shoulder. Women live like that daily.


    I caught a fleeting comment on KGO from a host yesterday that making it in “the industry” seems to require a certain amount of narcissism and sociopathy. I was not able to catch whether “the industry” was limited to films or if the observation was about the entertainment industry, in general. I think that no truer words could have been spoken, though I often think of “ego” in place of “narcissism” and “sociopathy.”

    This morning, I heard a quote from Charlie Rose on KPAM, in which he said that he thought that the feelings he felt for the women accusing him were mutual. While I admire his candor, I don’t think that this will end very well.


    And the hits Keep on coming…
    Donald Trump – United States President
    Harvey Weinstein – media mogul
    Ben Affleck – actor and producer
    Roy Price – studio executive
    Oliver Stone – executive producer
    Robert Weinstein – studio executive
    John Besh – TV cooking show host
    James Toback – writer & director
    Leon Wieseltier – editor & literary critic
    Terry Richardson – fashion magazine(s) photographer
    George H.W. Bush – former United States President
    Mark Halperin – network TV news reporter
    Kevin Spacey – actor and producer
    Michael Oreskes – network radio news producer
    Jeremy Piven – actor
    Dustin Hoffman – actor
    Brett Ratner – director
    Sylvester Stallone – actor and producer
    Ed Westwick – actor
    Roy Moore – former Alabama chief justice
    Steven Seagal – actor and producer
    Louis C.K. – comedian & actor
    Andrew Kreisberg – executive producer
    Matt Zimmerman – network TV executive vice president
    Al Franken – Minnesota senior Senator
    Jeffrey Tambor – actor
    Glenn Thrush – political journalist
    Charlie Rose – network TV news anchor
    John Conyers – senior Michigan Congressman
    Honorable mention – William Cosby, William Clinton

    All men are dogs. Woof!

    Andy Brown

    Charlie fired, not just suspended.

    I think those that are guilty are getting what they deserve.

    I also think that the GOP is digging a lot of this stuff up. The pictures of Franken (not the one with his hands hovering above her boobs when she’s asleep) but the other ones somewhat dilute that particular case not to mention her many ties to Republicans and drumpf himself. The GOP simply wants to dilute the Moore case by throwing a lot of similar crap into the mix regardless of what is accurate and what is not.
    Isn’t that just like the modern day Republicans to throw the innocent until proven guilty notion out the window. Big media is playing along, after all they are already known to be a haven for sexist pigs like O’Reilly, Limbaugh, etc. so they have nothing to lose by firing people whom may or may not be guilty or as guilty as a few women step up and say. That is not to dilute the real complainants, but isn’t that just like the slimy GOP to take a small amount of facts and try and use it as a diversion from their personnels personal defects.


    Thanx, Andy. Forgot about William O’Really. Not sure Michael Jackson should be included on the list.
    Hands hovering over her chest. Yeah, I know she had a flak jacket on. But, have your seen photos four, five and six?
    Vast right wing conspiracy. Remember when the First Lady said that on 60 Minutes defending her man?


    No, but I remember when she said it on the Today show – and she was right about the conspiracy.


    Charlie fired, not just suspended.

    Holy crap!!!


    It’s open season at this point, and I believe there will be thousands of more outings as this moves along, and many more careers will be ruined and reputations soiled. And it will be across the spectrum politically.


    …and she was right about the conspiracy.
    How is this a conspiracy if everyone knows it?
    Just askin’.


    The right-wing conspiracy (and the identities of the conspirators) was not known to the public at large in 1998. It was laid out pretty convincingly in the 2001 book “The Hunting of the President” by Gene Lyons and Joe Conason.


    I think Vit is right. This kind of thing tends to be contagious and when many start to bring these claims, it encourages others to do the same. While some may be false, most are probably true and good for them to come out from being hesitant to bring the issue to the forefront.

    My only concern would be that like the recent gun violence in America, we have a tendency to become “numb” to these type of events. As more and more women come out with these allegations, we become numb to the story. This isn’t to discount anyone’s personal story, but this is just normal consumption of the news cycle.

    Even worse, for every celebrity and/or important person that goes through this, there are probably hundreds of others (who we don’t know) enduring a similar situation.

    In the meantime, Trump is now giving Moore in Alabama the benefit of the doubt.


    “Yeah, I know she had a flak jacket on. But, have your seen photos four, five and six?”

    Kinda the same as Trump. Yea, the Access Hollywood tape was just “locker room talk”. But have you seen tapes four, five and six?


    In the meantime Trump is giving Moore the benefit of the doubt, As he should! Every man who gets accused is innocent until proven guilty PERIOD! He denies The allegations and I believe him. I don’t think it’s fair to destroy someone’s life until the evidence comes out that this was 100% true.

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