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    I like Adult Standards, but I can only listen to the format for a while before the song rotation becomes too familiar. If I walk away for a few months, I can return to a different song rotation that I can enjoy. It thus took me a while to notice that Sunny 1550 does not have air personalities in any dayparts. I found this odd–isn’t Sunny 1550’s programming provided by a syndicator, I wondered.

    Then, I found the answers. Yes–“America’s Best Music” comes from Westwood One. Yes–the entire airstaff of “America’s Best Music” was laid off in 2015! This is almost as bad as Charlie FM. The only reasons that it is not as bad are that the imaging on 1550 is not as insulting as that on Charlie FM, and Sunny 1550 gives me an excuse to listen to music on AM, preferably using old radios. The AM band and old radios shouldn’t be relegated to endless political rhetoric–I can get that on the other side of this message board.


    Perhaps stream something like KBRD or CJNU and retransmit?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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