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    I know this ad has been out there for a few months, but I just saw it for the first time. This is one of the best creative ads I have seen in a longtime. Note that “all comments have been turned off” on youtube. Not sure why.


    Because just about every YouTube comment section devolves pretty rapidly into a perverse hellscape and no brand needs to be associated with 98.7 percent of that garbage? Just spitballin’ here.

    Master of Disaster

    Note that “all comments have been turned off” on youtube. Not sure why.

    There’s several reasons, one being the channel itself having the ability to proactively turn off comments:

    Another major one is how nearly anyone can watch Youtube with or without an account.


    I just saw this, and had to log in. They packed all the cool elements of the song in there, and the marketing message, PSA aspects are all resonant. Knocked it out of the park! I flew twice during the pandemic, both trips were as clean as they could make it, and were shitty. No one’s fault, just hard travel conditions.


    Everyone in the family is vaccinated, except for the young one. We got a combination of moderna and Pfizer. No bad effects. I got covid very early last year, late February. Major bad… Was quite rough, down for a month.

    The start-up I’m working on lost its primary investor due to covid, in Florida. They have been gone since about June last year.

    Politically, Biden is doing better than I thought he would, and that’s a good thing. Nina Turner may make it to Congress, that could be a great thing.

    Hey everyone! I hope everyone’s happy healthy and seeing this pandemic in the rearview mirror.


    So good to hear from you. I’ve missed your posts.

    Sorry you got covid. Nasty, nasty stuff. Glad most everyone in your fam is now vaccinated. Makes a huge difference in almost everything we do.

    All good here. Family is fully vaccinated. Our daughter and son-in-law moved to Texas. (yeah that’s a head scratcher) But it was affordable for them and they are not alone. But yeah, it’s Texas.

    Our son will soon have his girlfriend moving in with him later this month. She comes from a Trump supporting family in New Jersey, yes another head scratcher, but she’s pretty cool and our son is fine with their political differences. She’s pretty mellow and doesn’t push any agenda’s and has been good for our son. So we’ll see how that plays out.

    Wife and I are great. I had some laparoscopic surgery over a month ago, but recovery was full after two weeks. Celebrated 33 years of marriage in April and seeing the light of retirement in front of us.

    Been some loss this year. Mother-in-law died back in April. Close, dear media friend and mentor died recently – and my 95 year old dad may not make it through the end of the year. But I could be wrong about that. Get to see dad every Tuesday and play my guitar and sing him songs. Great father/son connection.

    Stay well my friend.


    Hey Chris!

    We will be celebrating 30 plus years as well! Love her all you can. I am. Who knows what will come, but it won’t be today.

    Yes, Pooky is 5 and is probably vaccinated the old school way, and Covid for her was body aches and two weeks of that healing sleep young ones can draw on. We feel lucky. Could have been so much worse. I lost two people to this thing.

    Hey, you will get a kick out of this! So, I 3D printed a model of the virus, human scale. She loved it, and showed everybody. 4 at the time, “Papa made this, it is the virus!” Being able to actualize it helped her a lot. Still has it. Sometimes she looks at it, thinking thoughts. To her, it is a big deal. It is, but being 4, 5? I talk with her and she tries to tell me. Gets more and better out each time.

    The pandemic hit the kids hard. So many social things. They are catching up fast now with a bit more freedom.

    I am glad to know you both are doing well. We are too. Nothing major.

    We have Trump people in the fam too.

    Fact is, 70 million cast votes.

    So, after the hard political times, not that they are easy now, I resolved to play it much differently. Avoid judgement, blame, shame.

    When others trust that, they talk. Real talk and it is good. And people need that more than many of them know. And they struggle, love, play, do, need same as any other people too.

    There is a quiet power in that. Times are real tough for way too many of us. Understanding that may bring us better times, more clear priorities, action on what matters, not what we may be told matters.

    Family, people who have been there for me, friends all who I know are solid people matter more.

    The rest will work out.


    Ah man, Doug…that was an energizing post. The kind I always loved to read from you. Sounds like you’re making all the right choices and leaning into your values. Good on ya, mate!

    I’m trying to keep things positive with what I have control over. I can’t worry about the people and things that happen outside of my control. I’ve always been to accept people for who they are and where they are at. Even in great disagreement there are still some shared values with those I love and care for. I talk to a few of my Trump supporter friends but more concerned about their families and health – and if we keep on that level its all good.

    For the past few months I’ve been doing live performances at a nursing home in Beaverton. I’m able to perform inside now, but still need to wear a mask. Making some wonderful connections including a 101 yr old resident named Father Vincent. Dear, dear man of faith. Nothing pretentious. Let me know his favorite song a couple of weeks ago, “Oh My Papa,” which reminds him of his dad who died when he was 8 yrs old. So I sang it to him one day after his 101st birthday. Well received by him and such kind words he offered up. This is a calling for me. (and yes I am paid) Sang to woman on hospice a couple of weeks ago and she was able to quietly sing along. Such a sweet moment.

    So I’m looking for and creating these kinds of experiences and connections. Deepens my faith in we humans to connect on the most basic human level…Or as I call it…love!


    The racists need a hug.

    Theocrats need a place to live.

    Bigots need to see the doctor…

    Chances are, “those other people”, struggle same as you and me, anyone does.

    “Those other people” are US. Class matters.

    In my view, love, friendship, understanding, all are the basis for enough of us to demand economic justice with the same vigor we get after cultural, social justice. What good is social progress when people can’t live reasonably, with some dignity, raise their kids, laugh, love, care?

    So far, perusing the answer to those questions has been an interesting journey. Just prior to the pandemic, I had been all over the nation, overseas, and in coffee shops, parks, events just getting people to talk, declare what is, share their truths and it was powerful.

    I am convinced more of that is needed, and that it will help.

    Those gigs seem right in the pocket for you Chris! Paid, not paid, does not matter when you mean it, even just a little, and they pick up on that intent. Probably, they will live a bit more or longer for it. Or, in the really hard end of life time, you can connect people, actualize their thoughts and make both a new journey seem less scary, grim, while at the same time helping them to live on through others who know them, her and now and for the little ones to come.

    I feel that. Read it and am moved. Damn good Chris.

    And as we have talked about here how many times? The recently departed Limbaugh, and the somewhat later Ed Schultz (who I do miss on the few drive times I have right now), as examples, both showed us outrage, hate, shock, awe all sells.

    I am not diminishing skills, EIB, so to speak.

    I am saying it is an easier, more fertile field of play that bears fruit given tending and attention.

    The flipside is a lot harder!

    People feel it all the same. And maybe, just maybe more of us able to talk, to set the lists of “those other people”, “who need to be taught a lesson” aside, understand one another better, feel what really matters, might help get our priorities in better order. This field takes real work. Rows are old, ground parched, lean. These fruits are oh so sweet, but rare because we just have not done the work.

    And as we do, the ground will improve, rewards will come easier, and all that good stuff we know and love, more abundant amd robust.

    Good on ‘ya! I believe you will find far more than you seek, and it will be delish!

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