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    While running for governor in 2010, Alabama’s Robert Bentley emphasized his “family values” credentials. The Republican candidate not only ran ads featuring his wife and family, but Bentley also said he believes so strongly in the sanctity of traditional marriage that as far as he’s concerned, when same-sex couples wed, their marriages should be dismissed as “social experiments.”

    Given what we learned yesterday, the GOP governor probably shouldn’t have made his family such a centerpiece of his platform.

    Alabama’s Sunday school-teaching governor was accused by his former top cop on Wednesday of breaking the Seventh Commandment – thou shalt not commit adultery.

    Spencer Collier claims he was fired from his post as head of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency on Tuesday because he refused to cover up Gov. Robert Bentley’s alleged affair with top political adviser Rebekah Caldwell Mason.

    Last fall, when the governor and his wife split after 50 years of marriage, there were widespread rumors about Bentley having had an affair, but yesterday the chatter became a legitimate story after Collier, up until recently Alabama’s top cop, held a press conference to say he’d been fired for failing to go along with a scheme to hide the governor’s personal misdeeds.

    Bentley held a strange press conference soon after to apologize – though it was unclear to whom he was apologizing and for what. The governor acknowledged his role in inappropriate communications with his aide, but the conservative Republican insisted he’s never had a “physical relationship” with his top aide.

    That dubious claim prompted the Birmingham News to release an audio recording of Bentley having a private conversation with Rebekah Caldwell Mason in which he seems to describe quite a bit of their romantic, physical interactions.

    LOL. Conservative right wing religious family values guy cheating on his wife and then using public resources to hide it. Talk about hypocrite of the year!


    Republican hypocrisy is no longer news. It is expected.


    Yep! Just another slimy Republican that got busted and fell off his high horse. Thanx, Vit. For helping expose this rat!


    I’m shocked. Shocked, I say.


    Maddow did a great segment on this guy. Played the sex tape too. Said something along the lines of: the depth of his nopology and the profound lack of confidence the press demonstrated in response to his statements warranted that level of coverage.



    Always funny and satisfying to see a Republican fall! Especially a turd such as this!


    With all of the conservative laws they try to push in the South, I am glad I live in the great Northwest. I live in Oregon, but my second choice would be Washington. Both are great states. The people, the laws, even the politics.


    True. MW dxer1. Very glad we live here. You are also a voice of reason.

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