Ahmaud Arbery

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    I certainly hope the jury finds these 3 thugs guilty. Or maybe the better term is Joe Six Packs or Bubbas.

    How can you claim self defense when 3 people chase down an unarmed and 100% innocent person and then that person gets shot and killed in the ensuing altercation?

    Basically the same thing as the Trayvon Martin case.

    You can’t claim self defense when you provoke a confrontation with an unarmed person and then shoot them dead when they try to defend themselves against your gun.

    But, I know how racist and unfair the legal system is (see Rittenhouse verdict) so I say it’s 50/50 these Bubba’s walk.


    I think these things tend to even out, as course as that may sound.

    I fully expect a guilty verdict in this one. But there are multiple charges here so it could be uneven.


    All 3 guilty as charged. Justice was served this time.


    It’s about time too!

    Deane Johnson

    These guys truly got what they deserve. They seem to be living in the South of 50 years ago, thinking they can do anything they want to without any penalty.

    It’s not over yet, either. The Feds are coming at them after the first of the year with the race issue which can end in even more time to serve. They’re going to need to live to be 200 years old to burn it all off at the rate they’re going.

    The frightening thing is that they almost got away with it. They were never charged with anything until the video started making the rounds of Social Media and the public got to see what had happened. That would sort of lead you to believe that these three aren’t the only good olé boys left in Georgia.


    What’s more disgusting is that, prior to this, Georgia didn’t have any hate crimes statutes on the books.

    Hate crimes need to be done on the federal level, and with much stricter penalties. Give them teeth.


    I’ve never agreed more with Deane than his last post.


    This case reminds me a bit of one that happened about ten years ago, when a man was house-sitting for a neighbor and a burglar broke in. The man called 911 to report that a burglary was in progress and told the dispatcher “you better come here quick.” The dispatcher desperately and unsuccessfully tried to talk the man out of taking the law into his own hands. The man fatally shot the burglar in the back.

    At the risk of sounding either extremely callous or of stating what might be considered extremely obvious, I think that there is an important salient point in these tragedies–true law-abiding citizens allow the police to handle burglaries and “suspicious” looking people. The police know the law; people looking to make “citizens’ arrests” or to play hero most likely have no concept of the legal boundaries to what they can do. This is why we fund police departments with the taxes that we pay.

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