African-Americans for Trump

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    Andy Brown

    But Herb IS fake news.


    Never trust someone eager to defend murdering the most innocent among us.

    If you do, that says far more about you than anyone else.


    Herb, perhaps the “Pro-Life” folks would get more credence if they cared as much for those already living as they do the unborn.


    I’ve addressed that personally here.

    Yet those who explain what they’ve done to help both the born and unborn are mocked, nonetheless.

    You can’t have it both ways.

    Fact is, Scammed Parenthood makes money off selling the body parts of dead babies they kill.

    And you want to lecture those who support life?


    “Never trust someone eager to defend murdering the most innocent among us.”

    Oops, you did it again!

    Murder is a crime. Abortion is not. Get your terms straight, Einstein.

    Listen, I have no problem with you contending that abortion should be considered murder. But currently, it is not.

    Stop being so ham-fisted with your anti-abortion zeal.


    You know, if you consult the book of Genesis, it does mention something about God breathing life into Adam.


    Anyone playing word games about abortion not being murder need only perform an Internet search for partial birth abortion.

    Look at those children. Go ahead, look at them. They are innocent human beings who were deliberately killed. That is murder.

    If that’s a fight you want to have, you’ve already lost a majority of voters.



    Just give it a rest already. You’ve been banging on like this for over a decade and a half. Nobody gave half a fuck what you thought then and they still don’t now.

    Seriously, your posts are so consistantly shitty and redundant it’s possible to write a spam filter.

    Just give it a rest already. Nobody gives half a fuck.


    If more people would just give half a fuck – instead of a full fuck – there would be a lot less unwanted pregnancies, and therefore fewer abortions. Food for thought, Herbie.


    As a white male, I have never had any of my healthcare decisions questioned. None…nada! I’ve never been accused of pre-murder when I chose to have a vasectomy after “seeding” my wife with three pregnancies, one ending in a miscarriage the other two resulting in girl then a boy.

    I’ve never had people picket me while going to my doctor of choice or clinic to engage in an information gathering session.

    I’ve been able to freely go about the choices for my healthcare all my life as an American male.

    However, in our current, oligarch, pussy grabbing, priest molesting, 1-5 women being sexually assaulted or raped, culture, (yes, you could add many more), a woman deciding her own healthcare choices isn’t allowed the same respect.

    Some men just can’t get past their own penis.


    On the very matter of whether a child lives or dies, you self-hating poseurs virtue signal for relevance.

    And you still wonder why Mr. Trump won?


    Nope. I’ve wrapped my head around why he won in 2016.

    What I don’t get is why people like you (and many, even more reasonable people than you) still support him.

    I would think his parent/child border separation policy would be an immediate disqualifier for you Herb, as much as you profess to be pro-“innocent child”.


    Just like the parent/child border separation policy is bad law so is Roe.


    I can’t agree with you on Roe, but it sounds like we both agree that parent/child border separation is wrong. Could you now try and explain that to Herb? He thinks Trump is the “do no evil” president.


    Nice try, but fake news backfires on the left again:

    Not only that, but the President actually signed a bill to address such concerns, some which were simply an insincere leftist political ploy to bring in more terrorists and Democrat voters, but as Chris Plante might say, I repeat myself:

    Meanwhile, I can’t seem to find a leftist here who believes innocent babies, moments before birth, should be allowed to breath their first breath outside the womb before they are killed by the likes of Scammed Parenthood.

    When it comes to innocent life, you guys are glaring hypocrites and will play any angle. But change is coming, because the left has really stepped in it, now. That’s because attacks on Judge Kavanaugh have energized the Trump base along the lines of 2016:

    And once Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg retires, Amy Coney Barrett joining with the Pro-Life SCOTUS decisions of Judge Kavanaugh will be a beautiful sight for DECADES to come!

    FDR tried to pack the Supreme Court, but now instead Mr. Trump is doing it legitimately.

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