African-Americans for Trump

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    Even fake news can’t hide the fact that more African Americans support this President.

    On top of that, now that they lost Jim Brown, the left is in a panic. First Kanye, now arguably the NFL’s finest running back:

    Chickens coming home to roost, indeed. Now to lock her up.


    Here’s a handy tip for Republican candidates: don’t compare your African American opponent to a monkey:


    They can’t help themselves.


    Why does the right have to frame everything in terms of race? Herb, why not just say that two prominent AMERICANS endorse Trump?

    Andy Brown

    Herb, like drumpf, is desparate to find some silver lining after the last 10 days of unmitigated disasters for drumpf and the Republicans. Hey Herb, nice try, but your post is fake news.

    It might seem far-fetched that over a third of African Americans would now approve of a president with a very long history of racial insensitivity — especially because fewer than 10 percent of black voters supported him in 2016.

    That’s because it is far-fetched. Trump’s black approval rating is nowhere near 36 percent.

    Polling firms that have interviewed far more African Americans, and that are much more transparent than Rasmussen, all show that Trump’s black approval rating is much lower than 36 percent.

    For example, Gallup has interviewed thousands of African American respondents in 2018. Its polling suggests that Trump’s black approval rating has consistently been around 10 to 15 percent through 2018.



    Your pal KSKD.


    I forgot Tiger Woods:

    With 92% chance of Hillary winning in the last election, let’s just say leftist comments here about pretty much anything deserve healthy scrutiny.

    You guys lost 1,000+ seats nationally, thanks to your guy, Barry.

    Better catch a clue before that figure grows even larger. Fake news isn’t working, gentlemen. Voters are now onto that game.


    Herb: “Better catch a clue before that figure grows even larger. Fake news isn’t working, gentlemen. Voters are now onto that game.”

    When do you suppose a Republican will win statewide in California again? Do you think the Republican party will ever get back to #2 in terms of number of registered voters in California again, after Democrats and independents?


    Your cites are so 2016, Herb.

    Just like the Tea Party didn’t exist until the “scary black Democrat” occupied the White House, the Blue Wave didn’t exist until they saw Trump win and realized that, yea, maybe not all candidates are the same, and not voting can produce really dangerous results.

    I think you should wait until November 7 to talk too much about the election, Herb. Right now, the trends are not looking good for you or your tribe.


    I don’t ever predict elections.

    However, with yet another guilty plea entered today from a person close to Paul Manafort flipping for the Mueller investigation, the mid-terms are far from the major story at this moment…but they do loom.

    People very close to the president are offering up all kinds of information to the investigation, which I believe Rudy G. predicted would be over by Sept 1.

    I never predict.

    Jeffrey Kopp

    Just 3 percent of black Americans polled said they approved of Trump’s performance, compared to the president’s 36 percent approval overall. An overwhelming 93 percent of black Americans, meanwhile, said they disapprove. Those numbers have plummeted, data over time shows; just months ago his approval among black Americans was nearly 20 percent.


    No problems with Rasmussen. It’s, how do I say this without terking anyone here, scientific.
    However, problems with ABC / WaPost results Jeffery links. Telephone polls? C’mon, be real.
    Don’t know enough to say anything so I won’t.


    Rasmussen methodology may be scientific, but it all comes down to the way the polling question is asked.

    But there are other respects in which I’m much less sympathetic to Rasmussen’s case. In particular, this has to do with their choices of question wording and subject matter. The Politico question, for instance, points toward an August question in which Rasmussen asked “It’s always better to cut taxes than to increase government spending because taxpayers, not bureaucrats, are the best judges of how to spend their money.” That is not a question designed to elicit the most accurate reflection of public opinion.

    Likewise, Rasmussen recently produced a poll in which they purported to describe the Democratic health care plan to their respondents. Several other pollsters have found that support for the plan increases when it is actually described to respondents, but Rasmussen showed no such increase. However, the second sentence in their description reads:

    The plans before Congress would prohibit people from choosing insurance plans with lower premiums and higher deductibles.

    I don’t particularly know where this comes from; Rasmussen claims that its questions came from a ‘summary of the legislation provided by the New York Times’, but such a depiction of the health care policy appears nowhere in the New York Times article. But there it is in the Rasmussen survey, where it appears to be designed to build a relationship in the respondent’s mind between the Democratic plan and higher premiums.

    I’m not saying that Rasmussen’s question wording is always biased. It isn’t. And I’m sure you could find a couple of cases where the wording tend to portray the liberal argument more favorably. But cases like these happen consistently enough with Rasmussen that I’d say it’s a concern.

    Is Rasmussen Reports Biased?


    Great respect for Nate Silver when he was O$O of 538. He revolutionized Baseball (perhaps not for the better). But after Disney bought it … The final poll released a day before the election had Clinton winning the Presidency by 69.5 or 71 and 72%. Fourth closest to actual and far closer than the others who had her chances at 88%.
    538 is scientific. It’s top competitor is Rasmussen. Why wouldn’t Disney PR produce a hit piece and publish it in the NY Tass. I would. It’s called marketing.

    Final Election Update: There’s A Wide Range Of Outcomes, And Most Of Them Come Up Clinton

    I miss “Billy Ball”.


    All polls are biased in some way; Rasmussen skews the questions to lead to more conservative-positive responses, for example. Even scientific-based 538 is not immune from bias.

    I prefer a snapshot of all of of the polls; between Rasmussen on the right and ABC/Washington Post on the left, the truth lies.

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