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    3 things Michael Bloomberg thinks he knows about the 2020 race against Donald Trump

    (CNN) — On Wednesday morning, Michael Bloomberg made an announcement — on Instagram! — that had “2020”written all over it.

    Wrote Bloomberg:

    “At key points in U.S. history, one of the two parties has served as a bulwark against those who threaten our Constitution. Two years ago at the Democratic Convention, I warned of those threats. Today, I have re-registered as a Democrat — I had been a member for most of my life — because we need Democrats to provide the checks and balance our nation so badly needs.”

    You’ll remember (or maybe not!) that Bloomberg was a Democrat for much of his adult life, before leaving the party to register as a Republican in 2001. That decision was an entirely political one; he wanted to be mayor of New York City, and the Republican Party — and primary — offered a much more direct route to that goal.


    Bloomberg would be a disaster.

    Running a government is not the same thing as running a business.

    The basic purpose is different.

    Frankly, that so many Americans do not understand that, and what it means for them and theirs, is a big part of WHY we struggle as we do.


    But Bloomberg has been in government, so has some experience…


    And that counts how, when the pitch is “run government like a business?”

    Doing that has caused us an awful lot of grief.

    It’s time we quit thinking doing that is a good thing.

    Besides, look at big business. You want to live under that shit? They don’t run well, in the sense of the vast majority of people impacted by them.

    And, it’s big business who has been buying the vast majority of the shitty policy too. Very clear misalignment there.

    Finally, we’ve a majority of Americans in real trouble economically. Recent, prominent SHAMING has triggered modest wage increases. SHAMING. And the complaint? Big business is concerned about not being able to take even more on their expected schedule of more.

    How exactly does seating more big business friendly people improve the economic prospects of that American majority?

    It doesn’t. At all.

    But hey! Those stock prices will improve! And we may manage to hit even more insane levels of productivity, maybe get a 6 day work week, and for what?

    More people to end up struggling economically?

    No thanks, I’m out. Bloomberg and people like him are absolutely not the answer.

    Frankly, that the Democrats (enough of them for it to matter) appear to be talking this up, as if it’s some sort of good thing?

    All the more cause to continue efforts to reform.

    There are days when I wonder what’s in the water. We’ve seen this pitch before. It sucked then, and it sucks now. Guess what? Yes! It’s gonna suck the next time too.


    Oh, hell no. Here’s another thing!

    So, we’ve got a Trump in the White House. And that is a pretty terrible scenario.

    We are not seeing anywhere near a sane discussion as to why we have a Trump for President, nor do we see it for the top issues, or even tepid recognition of that growing majority in real trouble economically either.

    This Bloomberg floater?

    One could boil it down and say the Democrats answer is a better Trump?


    Give me a break. It’s pathetic. Frankly, an insult to the rank and file, who increasingly, aren’t even signing up to be Democrats! (this shit is why, by the way)

    Official party registration is in the high 20’s on a good day. You won’t see that stat much, and instead will see the “how people voted” and “preference” stats, which look much better, 40’s +

    What isn’t being said is 18 to 34 is going independent in huge numbers! Some 40 percent of those people do not even support capitalism. What they do support varies, and the big message there is confidence in market solutions to their problems is low, and not improving.

    They are not wrong. Not at all.

    Where is Bloomberg on the top issues?

    Medicare For All
    Living Wages
    Debt (college debt, as well as growing family, consumer debt)

    He’s the founder of Bloomberg Inc. Media org. Have you look at their recent works on those issues?

    I have, and it’s a mess. Totally ordinary American toxic, big corporate wet dream stuff. A better Trump indeed!

    “It would cost a ton!”

    Lies. And manipulations. There are some losers in all of that, but they aren’t ordinary Americans, who have been losing, literally dying early, losing homes, and more, for DECADES.

    Now, on Living Wages, some good news can be found:

    Spiffy! And in a few pieces, actual recognition that reasonable, not insane or egregious minimum wage increases do not cause job loss. There are job shifts, but there is also growth and expansion too. Amazing, when ordinary Americans have some money to spend, they spend it. Demand up, jobs up, etc…

    That one does carry the “opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of Bloomburg Inc” But, that’s a quibble. They did publish it. Many won’t.

    On that note, the paywall articles are often very different from the click bait, pop opinion pieces they do let out the door as freebies. If you subscribe, or circumvent the paywall, the clarity on this and other issues is both different from what people may think, and less aligned with economic issues facing the majority of Americans.

    I could go on here, but what we won’t be seeing from Bloomburg, is meaningful change. He’s good for a correction away from Trump, and trust me. Selling that shit is top priority.

    Obviously, Trump is pretty terrible. Which makes the sell job on a return to the same politics that got us here in the first place a lot easier. Can’t blame them for that.

    Comes with the big money donations. Standard deal, and it’s not like people don’t know.

    But, does that make for an endorsement, something to get motivated about, any basis at all other than, “Not Trump” and “Not GOP?”

    No. Not really.

    The other upsell here is Bloomberg has been sitting off to the side for a while. He lacks baggage (at present) other party favors and hopefuls do carry, is known, and is seen as a clear risk.

    Which is all entirely true! Total risk!

    The risk being tepid voting turnout for lack of meaningful policy and or representation to vote for.

    You can count on Progressives pretty much shitting on Bloomberg, and Liberals to pretty much talk him up.

    And here we have the left divide represented perfectly. Let’s just say my hopes are not high at present. Excitement level on shit like this?

    None. Got better to do, and am doing it.


    I don’t see anywhere in the CNN article where Bloomberg says he would run the US government like a business. I think what he said at the 2016 DNC was that he unlike Trump was the true successful businessman.

    Even so, he has plenty of political experience, having been mayor of NYC for twelve years.

    In any case, I don’t see Bloomberg’s candidacy going very far. There’s going to be an enormous amount of pressure for the Democrats to nominate another woman in 2020, in light of the MeToo movement, the Kavanaugh nomination, etc. That is likely to mean the real race will be between Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Kirsten Gillibrand. Corey Booker might have a shot too – but another old white guy from New York who joined the Democratic party only so he could run for president? Sorry, we tried that in 2016 with Bernie. I don’t see the appeal of either of them in 2020.

    Andy Brown

    Liz and Kamala will probably be the top two women in the race as Gillibrand is tied to the Clintons a little too much for comfort.

    “Corey Booker might have a shot too – but another old white guy from New York”

    Corey Booker is black, not white and from D.C. Unless you are referring back to Bloomberg. I just don’t think he’s (Booker) got enough name recognition, yet, at least not as much as Joe or Bernie and Bloomberg is not well liked outside the NY Metropolitan area.

    It’s going to be either one of the women or Joe, if he wants it. He can beat drumpf because Biden ensures Pennsylvania will not go to drumpf, again. It probably wouldn’t anyway, but with Biden it’s a certainty. Joe is super popular in coal country.

    Click for bigger image


    Andrew, it’s not at all hard to find. I trust you can get there. I’m happy to help.

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