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    Former Jeb Bush adviser leaves the GOP over Donald Trump:


    Among the commentary: “This is a time when country has to take priority over political parties. Donald Trump cannot be elected president,” Bradshaw told CNN in an e-mail interview. “As much as I don’t want another four years of Obama’s policies, I can’t look my children in the eye and tell them I voted for Donald Trump. I can’t tell them to love their neighbor and treat others the way they wanted to be treated, and then vote for Donald Trump. I won’t do it.”

    Bradshaw told CNN that while she had seen Trump as a “bigot” and “misogynist” throughout the race, Trump’s latest attacks against the Khan family who lost their son in the Iraq war in 2004, was just another reminder of why she couldn’t back him.

    She joins a long, and growing, list of GOP members who have either left the party entirely or at the least have avowed to not vote for Donald Trump. They’re putting country before party.

    Cue Pope Bacon and The Dork:

    * They’re not real Republicans!
    * It doesn’t matter, but, but Hillary!


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