A unique LGBT rights bill in Utah

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    This is interesting.

    The Mormon Church, Utah Lawmakers and LGBT activists and groups have worked together to create a bill that gives some pretty broad LGBT rights, while protecting religious groups.

    Some bullet points:

    -It will become illegal to discriminate against LGBT persons on the job. Hiring, firing, promotions and pay will be protected for LGBT people.

    -It stipulates that employers can adopt “reasonable dress and grooming standards” and “reasonable rules and polices” for sex-specific restrooms and other facilities, as long as those standards also include accommodations for gender identity. For example, companies could offer a unisex, stand-alone restroom for use instead of a larger restroom with a bank of stalls. Those drafting the bill said they they’ve left room for companies to interpret what is a reasonable accommodation because they cannot pass a law to deal with all scenarios. (This one seems a bit broad, we’d see how it plays out.)

    -The bill would make it illegal to refuse to sell or rent, deny a home loan or real estate services and to base other housing-related decisions because someone is gay or transgender.

    Exempt from this are religious groups, and the Boy Scouts of America.

    The BSA did not ask to be exempt from this, but were granted an exemption based on a 2000 U.S. Supreme Court decision that allows the BSA to exclude gay members. The BSA now allows in gay children, but still bans gay scoutmasters.

    This is an interesting compromise between two groups that have long been diametrically opposed to each other, in probably the most conservative state in the country.



    Cool. You know, the thing about Utah is the people there are generally really nice people.

    This looks a lot like a “come on people, be nice” bill to kick things off.

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