A recent study on homophobic people reveals …

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    … that many have psychotic tendencies.


    Makes sense to me.

    Andy Brown

    Not surprising.


    New study…up is down and down is up.


    Oh, Broadway. You’re such a scamp.


    I believe that this is related to the defect below;

    Conservatives Big on Fear, Brain Study Finds

    Homophobes have been trying to assert for years that Homosexuality is a mental disorder.

    We now know that Homophobia is the mental disorder.


    Hmm, Broadway. Maybe you should look into that study, and yourself.


    He might be afraid to. Sorry, it was just too easy… :p


    Shocker. Conservatives are mentally disabled.

    Many studies prove this, as does this board.


    This issue gets way too much press. I’m not saying it isn’t important, it is, obviously. But for me, there are far more pressing issues. The Broadway’s of the world just don’t get it, never will.

    IMHO, homosexuality was never a pressing issue in biblical days (only 6-7 verses in the entire bible seem to talk about homosexuality, but not in contemporary terms)…yet scripture has thousands of verses dealing with inequality, injustice, dealing with the poor and downtrodden. But I digress.

    This article doesn’t prove that much to me. Some just have a hard time with those who are different than they are. That is not news. However, we now have some data to back up what most of us suspected or at least thought might be the problem.

    Again, I’d like to see us move past pointing out the worst in each other and start acting like adults and solve real world issues. This crap is getting old.


    Maybe getting old in this forum, but not to the newly beaten up or killed on the street. Hence angerfire each time the homophobe posts in this forum.

    Society should equate being a homophobe with torturing dogs. That’ll get them shut up. They’ll no longer get to talk about the “dogs they tortured” in public spaces.

    When you’re a homophobe (or a dog torturer) no amount of goodness can offset being pointed out as a homophobe.


    Point well made, Skep.


    I think this needs to keep getting more press, Chris. Bigotry is never acceptable, and if this sheds light into why some are homophobic, that’s a good thing!!

    Gouge, if you find all of us so boring, nobody is forcing you to read what we say.


    Me too.

    I remember when I actually came to awareness on this, and it is when I saw everyone as just people, not those other people. This is a small shift, kind of a curio at first. Then it works through you, until seeing the behaviors become unacceptable.

    What if it were me?

    When you get there, and ask that question honestly, and with some empathy sufficient to bring meaning and emotion, it’s kind of over.

    Time to start doing the right thing.

    Some of us have to. Nobody else will, because they aren’t there yet.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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