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    Recently, I’ve received many ugly comments.

    F&B: Why don’t you just make it about the discussion and laugh off the rest?

    Some people here absolutely do get pointed and dish it out hard toward others they do not agree with. They don’t agree with me these days, and so?

    They don’t agree. That could change. Did before. Probably will again.

    You can let it all have an impact, and or you can fill the board with all manner of meta-conversation non stop.

    You can also let it have pretty much zero impact. Use humor, ignore it, etc… there are a ton of options besides righteous indignation.

    So, an asshole called you an idiot. How you respond to that and whether that impacts the overall discussion matters. Why? Mostly because we are all the asshole and or the idiot at some point.


    He doesn’t strive to make every thread about himself and his views like you do.

    …is always self-defeating.

    You go back a ways and see Herb definitely tried bullying me and others multiple times. At present Vitalogy has tried it. (laughably, and understandably too, no worries here)

    That, frankly, is as big of a deal as you make it out to be.

    What you should have done was go away for a while, shake off the laser focus on “those issues” you’ve hammered on non stop and just try again.

    That’s wanting to “win” more than wanting to have a real conversation, or enjoy the other minds here.

    (and I do, pointed or not)

    Yet, here you are, still taking it back to your original butthurt essentially.

    Must have really hurt. You should seek help for that, because it just doesn’t have to. For realz. No joke.

    (and that’s all I will say on any of this, because I said all of this and a lot more years ago, with no apparent impact)


    “It wasn’t that long ago, Dan, that Vitalogy called Herb a “f*ckface.” How disgusting and demeaning. Is that “civil discourse”? Why would you allow that? How would you like it if someone called YOU that? I bet you would ban them and I wouldn’t blame you. He was also called an “asshole” by someone else. I can’t remember who at this time, but one thing I do know is that you won’t find Herb being abusive or bullying or heckling others. And speaking of heckling, Herb makes meaningful posts, answers questions in good faith directed at him, yet does not receive the courtesy of a legitimate response and is instead heckled about Nixon, regardless of what he posts.”

    Thanks for underscoring the facts, Civil Discourse.

    It’s a longstanding rule here that free speech, no matter how aberrant, is primarily reserved for those on the intolerant left.

    Yet it isn’t limited to this forum. Witness the mainstream media, which is only spiraling into confusion about how Mr. Trump could have won, despite polls insisting with 90%+ certainty that Hillary would win. Much like here, they’re in an echo chamber.

    It’s hardly surprising. More than 90% of so-called journalists vote Democrat. As a result, the disconnect with those 63 million who put Mr. Trump in office is furthered by the inability of those on the extreme left to see an opposing perspective.

    That’s why they’re extreme, call much of the US ‘flyover country’ and even physically attack those who support this president. They behave childlike, i.e., swearing, because they can’t make a cogent argument that connects with voters. Take if from their own Morning Joe: “Democrats don’t know how to fight.”

    This only makes them appear more extreme, ergo, by voting for a socialist like Bernie and policies like abortion at all cost, despite a Democrat plurality SUPPORTING certain abortion restrictions. Factor that into Mr. Trump’s strong showing among both Republicans (92% approval) and Independents. The splinter among Democrats is wide.

    This disconnect will only come back to bite them even harder in 2020 by appearing out of the mainstream to the average voter who simply wants to live his or her life and get ahead. Especially terrifying to Democrats are the inroads Mr. Trump has made into the African-American & Hispanic communities.

    For all his faults, one thing Mr. Clinton had was an ability to relate to the common citizen. This is exemplified by Democrats being called out by none other than one of his advisors, James Carville:

    The record is clear to likely voters. Historic low unemployment among minorities. Bringing jobs back to the US. A record stock market. An anti-globalist agenda that puts Americans first. A stronger defense posture. No apology tours. These concepts are despised by the left and they can’t figure out how they were defeated by someone so opposed to their values. Now the movement is growing, with even the Brits getting the message, as exemplified by Brexit.

    But get your popcorn ready. Rather than figure it out, watch them kneecap each other as Mr. Bloomberg buys his way into the nomination by siphoning off Bernie’s votes. That’s a prospect the Bernie Bros. are likely to find intolerable.


    I’d like to see proof I used the term fuckface.


    LOL, actually I would too. That’s not on the list of your usuals.


    Bloomberg / Clinton (I bet he does it, given the chance) ticket = Trump 2020 for the win.

    Andy Brown

    Quantify “inroads” Herb.
    There are far more Republicans dissatisfied with drumpf that voted for him in ‘16 that won’t be voting for him this time. Without them, he can’t carry the narrowly won rust belt states. Conversely there are a lot of Democrats who did not vote for Hillary who will be voting against drumpf no matter who the Dem candidate is.

    I’m not saying they won’t show up to vote, they will, just not for drumpf. When you add the numbers up it equals one termer.


    Here ya go Vitalogy–your words:

    I’m sure Herb is a YUGE fan of Pat Robertson. They come from the same cloth. A terrible cloth for sure.

    Remember, this Saudi dude went to get the papers he needed to move forward with a marriage, and he was sabotaged. Recordings say they cut his fingers off and dismembered his body, all on tape while the cohorts listened to music.

    Just another example of the extreme right taking a pass on morality in exchange for power.


    Apparently a $100 billion contract is more important than life. So spare me with the abortion rhetoric fuckface.


    Pat Robertson Cares More About a Saudi Weapons Deal Than a Journalist’s Murder


    Good work! Way to show what a creepy stalker kind of guy you are.


    And I still stand by what I wrote.


    Using the search bar is being a stalker? LOL

    You asked for the proof and I furnished it.

    I’m sure you do stand by it. You have no remorse regarding your verbal assaults and abusiveness, hence the need for moderation for people like you and Andy who can’t control yourselves.


    You are a stalker and a creep. Do not address me again.

    Andy Brown

    Hey Vern, tell it to Charon when he ferries you across Styx and Acheron.


    This is one of the cruelest posts I’ve seen on this board, and once again it’s from the left towards the right. To out someone publicly regarding a financial difficulty? That goes BEYOND STALKING. And beyond being mean spirited. The conservatives and Christians who post here would never stoop so low. As usual, with this poster and some others, it’s not about the ideas, but about attacking the person who presents the ideas. (No need to “stalk” to find this. I just remembered this one and did a search on “foreclosure”). I won’t mention who posted it. You can find out for yourself by doing the search. On a moderated board with true civil discourse this post alone would be enough to get someone kicked out, but here the liberals get away with anything while conservative posts are put under a microscope.


    Hey Herb, Merry Christmas to you too. I hope you haven’t had any recent foreclosure notices sent to you. You know what they say when you sign a deed of trust when you borrow money “Pay you stay, don’t you won’t”. Lucky for you the law allows 120 days to get your shit straight with the bank. But as the saying goes, when you are in default on the mortgage, that’s the last bill you pay late (or not at all).

    As for tax cuts, you have to PAY federal taxes to get a tax cut. I’m sure you pay no federal taxes, so no tax cuts for you. But, expect to see your Medicare and Social Security payments to be at risk.

    Federal judges? They’ll throw out your case against the bank when you can’t pay. Good luck with that.


    @Chris, Interesting concept. I’m going to look into that. But my complaint is about something much greater than simply one “asshole” comment. If that’s all it were I wouldn’t bother.

    @KSKD, As I said to Chris, it’s about more than just a “you’re stupid” comment. Did you read the quoted posts? You’re cool with them all? I’m the one who “has the problem” and not the bullies and abusers?

    @Dan, I’m not posting any more for real unless I have your permission. But I didn’t make this thread for the purpose of requesting such permission. Simply, I was fed up with reading this board and seeing conservatives and Christians posting in good faith and in the spirit of “civil discourse” as you require of all posters. while seeing them suffer personal attacks and verbal abuse, which I can identify with, since I experienced that hundreds of times here. I would be very surprised and disappointed if you permitted or encouraged that type of behavior and suspect that you just didn’t know about it. So I’ve provided a small sampling of it so you can consider making appropriate changes. I also posted this as a form of “closure” since it was very frustrating to have been the victim of verbal assault and bullying, while being the one to be banned. In my view, bullying is always wrong and bullies shouldn’t win.


    Ok, one more post.

    Did you read the quoted posts? You’re cool with them all? I’m the one who “has the problem” and not the bullies and abusers?


    You’ve got agency in this. You are a victim when you say you are. Have some self-respect and weigh others words accordingly.

    Call me a fuck face, and everyone here knows what I will do, and that’s probably laugh and then ask them some questions. Is it the fuck, or the face that is getting at you, etc…

    You got banned because you advocate a community change it’s norms, because you are butthurt, many, many times. Essentially non-stop times.

    In my view, bullying is always wrong and bullies shouldn’t win.

    Quit making it about you, and you will find all this goes much differently. As I’ve said, many, many times.

    So there is that.

    You got bullied because you insisted on pressing a few issues to the point of insanity. That’s happened more than once, to more than a few people, myself included. When others have had enough, they have had enough. Failure to understand that indicates?

    Back to “quit making it all about you.”

    Maybe, just maybe others have just had enough. When it’s not all about you, ultra self-centered style, that means doing things differently, giving it a rest, etc…

    It does not mean doing what you are doing right now. Nobody needs you to do what you are doing. You need you to do what you are doing, all about you. In the end, that takes far more energy to work through than your contributions are worth. End game for you is not good. And yeah, I’ve said that too. Over and over.

    Grow up. You’ve got options in conversation, and righteous indignation isn’t the only tool in the toolbox. Use them.

    Scroll back through my recent history. That’s all modeled reasonably for you. Easy peasy.

    And that’s it as I’ve got basically everything else in the world possible and more important to do.

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