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    I am surprised to see that anybody would bother to archive all of the selected political quotes in the previous postings on this thread. With all of the revisions that this board has gone through, I am sure that took some effort. Nevertheless, that in itself does not lend credence to the viewpoints in the quotes. Do the quotes contain language that is crude? In my opinion, they do. Some other boards, such as antiqueradios.com, do not permit the use of such language or political topics. I think that Dan tries to err more on the side of free expression, but even he has his thresholds.

    Subjects that have triggered Dan to step in are not limited to politics. A long time ago, there were a collection of subjects about radio audio engineering that started to go round and round–in retrospect alienating people. Dan diplomatically tried to bring these discussions to a more civil tone by saying something like, can we please respect the pressures that broadcasters and broadcast engineers face and support the new technologies that are available to them? I admit guilt in that in the lead-up to those threads, I made some assholistic comments that ended up working against me. I insulted a participant on the board, and a few months later, I was out of work. Although my comments had nothing to do with losing my non-radio-engineering job, I could not, in good conscience, show my face at radio broadcast engineering professional networking events. I learned a valuable lesson out of that experience. Sadly, I think that the moral of my story goes over many people’s heads.

    Andy Brown

    All of the complainants transgressions are archived as well. Repeat forum trolls change handles to make their past posts harder to track. F&B makes numerous false claims of having done nothing wrong over the years which is laughable.


    The question remains–is calling someone a “fuckface” within the board rules of “civil discourse”?

    Is harassing, heckling, and making abusive comments within the board rules of “civil discourse”?

    I hope Dan responds to this. “Answers” from the most egregious offenders don’t mean very much.

    And @Alfredo, no I did not do any “archiving.” All you have to do is randomly go through “Bacon’s” posts and 95% of the time you will see it followed by an abusive post from Mr. Brown.

    I didn’t jump in to “defend” Deane as if he needed my help, as I know he can take care of himself. But as a banned “reader” it is very offensive to see such blatant abusiveness and disrespect. No, radiogeek, just because you think your anti-Trump beliefs are the gospel doesn’t mean everyone else does and doesn’t mean you get to use your beliefs as an excuse to beat up other people verbally. I am a supporter of Trump because he is good for our country in many ways that you don’t or can’t see. Fine. But I’m not going to harass you or be abusive to you because you don’t share my vision. Anti-Trump hatred doesn’t give you a free pass to degrade others who have good-faith opposing beliefs.


    I hope Dan bans you without comment.

    He doesn’t owe you squat.

    Andy Brown

    More lies from the troll. Vern has the acumen of a child. Fact is anyone with a list of all his handles can search the archives for his posts that reveal a blatant disregard for Dan’s authority as well as a litany of evidence showing how F&B hijacks threads, constantly bangs the drum about abortion rights in threads having nothing to do with said issue, declares hard facts are wrong and generally acts like an ADD teen. You don’t get thrown off this board 15 times for no good reason or because of any one poster.


    Anyone who has the capacity to reason knows that to call someone a “fuckface” is wrong. Decent people don’t do things like that and there is no place for that kind of abusiveness and degradation on a board that claims to allow for “civil discourse.”

    The said fact is that liberals on this board can get away with anything and conservatives and Christians just have to take it. (And note that they are almost always gentlemanly and don’t respond in kind). But maybe Dan doesn’t know, hence why the posting of some evidence might help rectify the situation.

    It’s not just about me. Broadway, Herb, RadioDork, and other conservatives have been the victims of many vicious personal attacks by Andy_Brown and Vitalogy.

    Andy Brown

    In fact, there have been three banishments of the troll known as F&B that didn’t involve any input from me. The most recent one occurred two or three banishments ago (about two and a half years ago). I was quite busy building 105.5 The Moon and spending very little time on pdxradio except for updating the LPFM thread on the radio side. Yes, Vern, the radio side. That’s what this forum’s main reason for existence is. Policing a bunch of one issue trolls and far right extremists is not what Dan had in mind. Originally there was no place to post the kind of topics and have the kinds of discussions the Politics and Other Things side of the board hosts but Dan put it up to keep jerks like F&B off of the radio side. He cares very little for the likes of trolls like F&B and others like him that have passed through. Anyway, not to digress, I was busy doing my work and updating the LPFM thread on occasion when I got an email from a friend who is also a member in good standing of this forum to ask me if I’d noticed the new troll that was posting on the Politics side and (providing a link) did I think, like he did, that it was F&B. There were already numerous threads with F&B’s poison all over them and numerous “get rid of this asshole” comments already in evidence. I, like I had did on two previous occasions, kept out of the fray. Ultimately F&B was banished on all three of those occasions and I was not party to any of the activities surrounding them.

    So you see Vern, your claim that it’s all about me not liking you is bogus. Like much of what you post, your shoot from the hip lies are false and misleading. Your claims are arbitrary and capricious. Many are outright fabrications. Like I said, you don’t get thrown off the board 15 times because some other member doesn’t like you. So here’s some man to man advice: Go away. Don’t keep trying to become a member of a club that doesn’t want you. There are plenty of places on the internet where you can choose to be and fit right in. Dan owns this site and can choose to banish you for no reason at all if he wants to. You see, drumpf isn’t the only one who can fire people for no cause.

    I concur with Vitalogy again. I hope Dan just shuts off your access with no comment.


    If Dan is the decent and reasonable guy I think he is, he will be somewhat mortified by the atrocious personal attacks that have occurred on his board and will do something to correct it.

    I would be happy to see that happen even if he pulls the plug on me without explanation.

    Posters like Andy_Brown, Vitalogy, and LurkingGrendel who have no self-control and no conscience regarding their hateful comments and personal attacks need to be kept under control by some form of moderation and enforced rules, otherwise the claim that this board is for the expression of “civil discourse” is just a joke.


    Create your own forum and you can run it how you please.

    Oh wait, you already did that. L.



    This will be my last post unless you give me permission to continue posting. Yes, I would appreciate that permission since it is frustrating to read this board and not be able to respond. I also have topics I would like to propose regarding healthcare, Hunter Biden, Nancy Pelosi, the impeachment, election predictions, etc. (I don’t understand why there are some who are anxious to ban diversity or run it off the board by means of abusive comments).

    But my main purpose for these recent posts was to plead with you to make some corrections regarding personal attacks and civil discourse. Even as someone who can only read this board, I was very angered to see Deane called an “asshole” and felt I must speak up about that as well as all the other many personal attacks against others and myself in the past. (The victims being almost exclusively Christians and/or conservatives).

    If this were truly a forum for civil discourse, nobody would be called an asshole for presenting his beliefs. Nobody would be called a f*ckface.

    I wouldn’t have been called an asswipe, loser, asshole, stupid fucking moron, faux Christian, scumbag, etc., etc., etc., by Andy_Brown, and neither would I have been followed around the board by him and heckled for every post I made.

    It’s impossible to have real discussions on that basis. It just becomes a place for snarky comments and meanness, and IMHO is the reason why this board has shrunk considerably. It’s become a lot less fun and interesting.

    Thank you again for having given me the opportunity to have posted as “Bacon.” I don’t see why I couldn’t have continued. I don’t understand what is so difficult about either entering into the conversation and challenging me or just ignoring those posts.

    I think this board might have the possibility of thriving again if you were to really enforce the idea of “civil discourse” and were to welcome and encourage the expression of all ideas, and not just one particular political persuasion.




    “No, radiogeek, just because you think your anti-Trump beliefs are the gospel doesn’t mean everyone else does and doesn’t mean you get to use your beliefs as an excuse to beat up other people verbally. I am a supporter of Trump because he is good for our country in many ways that you don’t or can’t see. Fine. But I’m not going to harass you or be abusive to you because you don’t share my vision. Anti-Trump hatred doesn’t give you a free pass to degrade others who have good-faith opposing beliefs.”

    Wow. That’s a mouthful. Let’s unpack a bit.

    You must have a very thin skin if you think one person standing up to you with one unkind word “asshole” is verbal abuse. It’s standard practice for a bully to protest when someone stands up to what the bully dishes out.

    My beliefs are not Gospel. But the facts about the current moment are. I will exercise my right to free speech, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you. The stakes are just too high now. I’m not saying anything for the purpose of hurting you, I’ve never met you and have no history with you. I’m saying the truth as I see it and if hearing the truth hurts you, go complain to the truth.

    In my faith tradition, there is an admonition not to embarrass people, or to use what is translated as “bad tounge”. In other words, don’t bad mouth people. I asked a clergy member how to reconcile this against the need to speak truthfully to those who lie, steal, bully or otherwise are doing falsehood. He told me that the ancient texts balance the need to not have a “bad tounge” with the responsibility to the larger community to warn them about someone or something that is dangerous to the common good.

    You’re hereby admonished. Again, if folks want me to remove the word “asshole” from my admonishment as an expression of “community standards”, I’m not offended.


    • This reply was modified 1 year, 2 months ago by radiogeek.

    Oh. Well.

    I had composed what I thought was a thoughtful post. Then I edited it, and now it’s gone.

    NVM. This isn’t worth the effort to rehash, I’ve moved on.



    Nosignal, I apologize for noting your post and am sorry it was apparently so offensive to you.


    This will be my last post unless you give me permission to continue posting.

    Bye! Good riddance! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!

    But, of course, we all know this is far from your last post and that you’re lying through your teeth.


    In the years I’ve spent on this board it has given me one important thing: Thick Skin.

    I’ve said my share of “asshole” comments, not always proud of those…but over the years I’ve mellowed my approach with this board. It’s unique in the way Dan chooses to moderate.

    These days, I volunteer with a non-profit called Better Angels. We work hard on the very divisive language that does appear on this message board.

    F&B, Better Angels is a place where conservatives and liberals actually work at communicating with each other. Better Angels creates space for our differences. One key element is we don’t try and change each others minds, we just learn to listen and ask questions. You might find it a place where you are heard along with others who support Trump.

    Lastly, I think Andy is right, there are plenty of places on the internet where your political biases will be welcomed. Why you continue to choose this place is beyond me.

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