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    So Doug, I took two days, but I watched the entire podcast.

    I found Cenk compelling – he seems to know the issues and is able to back up his points. I was aware of his Young Turks broadcast but only watched short snippets. This helps me understand your political stance better. I haven’t come to any particular conclusions, but I do feel I understand why progressives are challenging the likes of Biden and Warren and the entire GOP.

    I think Cenk is a voice that needs to be heard even if for others he may be too much for them. I’m glad he shared his perspective of both the conservative and liberal media..and I wish him the best in his pursuit of winning California’s 25th congressional district in the upcoming special election.

    Thanks for posting.


    Hey Chris, that’s a heavy lift. I appreciate you giving the guy a watch.

    He’s gone from something I would call progressive republican and a bit of man child to solid progressive, good quality human, over a bit south of two decades.

    Put most of that on air, and hired people more left and more, what I’ll call humanist, than he was. Then proceeded to treat them well, motivate the crap out of them and build TYT while they were beating him over the head day in and day out.

    Basically, he would show up, tell them to keep doing what they are doing to change the world and he will figure out the business part of things. Did that.

    What I found compelling back in the day was his desire to advance better, more just politics through dialog. That’s a thing we often did here, and I did with deliberate intent.

    I believe in that process absolutely. My own politics today reflect the product of doing it. My travels everywhere have been amazing. Just have a chat with the people. Once they know the intent, that dialog matters, they say stuff. Powerful, tear inducing, human stuff.

    We arrived at similar conclusions through different means.

    Honestly, if that guy gets into Congress?


    Will make Grayson look like a warmup.

    The other thing that time brought him is keen debate skills and a seriously tough skin. The usual BS won’t have much of an impact.

    He did walk away from a Maddow scale comp plan to do this. That’s 5 figures a day. When he did MSNBC, he hit top ratings consistently. Got told to play nice, not actually serve the audience. Left.

    And over the growth of the progressive left movement, Cenk has been responsible for elevating many fine voices and developed the only successful indie media model to reach size and scale competitive with the majors today.

    Take a look at the media line card. TYT media has amazing demographics the majors can only dream about.

    I think the same thing. The 25th matters. What goes down in that district is going to tell us a whole lot about how 2020 can and is likely to go.

    Notably, to run this race, he got TYT legal to sort out ethics and gave the network he founded total editorial control over programming and how his own race is covered, good or bad. In writing.

    Who does that?



    Here’s the other one to watch from a new media perspective.

    Hill.tv is attempting an entry into the progressive space. The two primary hosts are solid progressive, one left, one right. Krystal is also ex MSNBC.

    Saagar is an interesting character. Conservative, but not in that GOP way we’ve come to know. He’s a pretty good look at what Republicans are going to face, as Dems are right now.


    Isn’t a right-leaning progressive an oxymoron?


    No, actually.


    In the most general sense, a progressive politically is one who seeks the overall state of society to be more harmonious overall. That “more perfect union” in action, put another way.

    That progress, a general advancement of our lot, can happen from many perspectives. Our system is basically two party, however, when one looks abroad, each party has it’s forward looking factions, people or blocs, each seeking to advance on the overall party vision, and the implication for society overall is that advancement is some mutual benefit or other.

    An example of progressivism, coming from the right, could be to better refine where we use markets. Where they are well indicated, freeing them to operate with well understood market dynamics may well improve how well those markets serve the society that permits them. (and a right winger would say, the markets aren’t permitted, but are instead default things, but that’s a quibble)

    Part of this “new politicking” going on is to shake off some of this, “us vs them” or “with us or against us” type political labeling to foster more and better conversation. The purpose of doing that is to improve on common ground, mutual public good understanding. In the example of health care, taking that approach has been very highly productive. Support for Medicare for All is growing on the right, and a big part of that are the advocacy groups seeking to have conversations, not apply labels.


    Saagar is interesting to watch, from this perspective. Compared to what we saw from the Tea Party, which despite it’s highly toxic nature, was crazy effective in how it impacted the GOP, I’ll take someone like Saagar in a moment.

    Conversations are possible. We need more of that.


    Also: BIDEN just floated the idea of a Republican VP.


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