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    I have resurrected Your Midwest Media (YMM) after being dark for over a year. It was originally a replacement for the unmoderated Red & Nater forums, which has since also been resurrected.

    Rather than starting our own PNW regional forums and compete against you folks, we have linked that region to the PDX Radio forum instead.

    It’s still in the teething stages, so feel free to check out http://yourmidwestmedia.boardhost.com/ and if you like it, post away and spread the word. 🙂 Despite the name, we cover the US & Canada from coast to coast. No registration is required in order to post.

    We’re looking for moderators. If you’re interested, just register a username and private message “yourmidwestmedia” (me) on the YMM boards.

    Thank you!

    (If this thread is inappropriate, feel free to delete or move it.)


    You might take a hard look at “no registration.”


    That’s only the beginning of the SPAM deluge coming. It’s nice to have anon contributions. Friction free, good anonymonity, etc…

    But, it’s also going to require significant moderation to be at all useful.

    Master of Disaster

    Appears that board is already flooded with spam, and a site that touts no registration required and fake e-mail addresses can be used if one wants to register is only going to increase that activity. If someone were legitimately interested in meaningful participation without disclosing their real e-mail address, it really only takes a few minutes to register a new one somewhere.

    And, even if someone were to think “gee wow I can post anonymously!”, there’s always the possibility they can be identified and held responsible for their posts (read: job loss, loss of trust in their industry, impersonation, etc.). Even if they think they’re concealing their identity.


    Thanks! I removed the Spam, and working on adding a database that blocks Proxy/TOR IP addresses (where most of our spam comes from.)

    We have five moderators that check the board periodically to clean all the B.S. and trolls out.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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