A Look Back at Small-Market Radio in the Detroit Area

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    I spent my first few years of life in the 60s living next to Selfridge Air Force Base (now Selfridge Air National Guard Base) just outside Mount Clemens, MI, located just north of Detroit. This week, I came across this blog written by a former employee of WBRB-AM, the “Voice of Macomb County” and Mt. Clemens. WBRB-AM got started in the late 1950s, was purchased in the 80s by actress Gilda Radner (who was born and raised in the Detroit area) when owners split the AM and FM stations, went off the air for a time and came back as an AC/Oldies and later a “Motivational Talk” station before going off the air for good in 1990.

    The most interesting thing about this blog to me are the comments by people who got their start in the broadcasting business at WBRB. This is what I regret about the loss of small-market radio stations, over-reliance on syndication, and consolidation/elimination of ownership restrictions: the loss of so many opportunities to hone one’s craft.

    The blog itself is

    For background info about the station, see and click on section 1.1 for the history of its predecessor, WBRB-AM-FM.

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