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    First, today is my birthday. Second, my Grannie recently died and her service was yesterday.


    Third, my wife isn’t having a good day today, and I’m sitting here about to run and get her a coffee and then tell her it’s just all OK, no pressure, no need to do special things. She wants to, but I know she feels like shit.

    Grannie was awesome. I don’t have a single negative memory. She was adventurous, and she was the one that sparked a life long love of learning and wonder about the natural world when I was young. I’ve put some of her words here, from time to time, but I really can’t share the wisdom she had and shared with me, only what I have so far come to understand.

    She was deeply religious, and her church did a fine job bringing her life to us and sharing her impact on her peers and what that all meant. She actualized her faith for many people, and that little church was just packed to the gills with all these people and their great stories. I arrived feeling crappy. I left in wonder. This is how it should be.

    She was 89, and she took a Kayak trip in the rapids at 88, piloting her own like a pro. How cool is that? And yes, I’ve asked for the picture. I never knew. Adventurous indeed.

    Look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=INqfM1kdfUc

    It’s awesome! You can see the strings move, hear the music, and wonder at it all. Among the many great and wise things she told me, “Always remember to look at the world with young eyes lest you miss out on the little things that matter most.”

    Thanks Grannie for that.

    Put nothing but cool on this thread please. Have some fun, and share it.


    First off, Missing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Thanks for sharing that with us.

    Second, sorry for your loss. It never is easy, nor does it get easier. We had my mother down last weekend, who is physically slowing down and breaking down, but her spirit, her will to live (and her sarcasm) are stronger than ever. Hold onto those thoughts, and cherish them.

    Third, thanks for sharing the link. That is awesome.

    I hope you enjoy your birthday, relax, and have fun.


    Happy birthday, Doug. You be awesome.

    I concur with Brian on your loss. You seem to be surrounded by lots of great support, cling to it as you need. Know that a few us around here have you in our hearts as well.

    As a little musical gift for you, (and trying hard not self-serve)…This is a song I wrote a month after my mom died. May it bring some comfort to you.

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