A Christian defends the ACA

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    You offer no real/actionable solutions of any kind. Nor do the people you vote for. When speaking about the macro health care coverage and needs for tens of millions of Americans, some form of government aided health care is the only real world solution. You can’t factually support otherwise and are now retreating into semantics.

    It clearly doesn’t matter in the least to you whether the government has some involving, limited involvement, or “runs the entire show”; you and your political proxies have been in opposition to everything save letting the market run itself, (which works out well only for those fortunate enough to have quality insurance through their employer, ironically government employees, and the industries that make billions of dollars off the backs of people’s illness.) for decades.

    The stated reasons for this obstruction run the gamut from irrational, to quasi ideological, to misinformed, but clearly have no regard for arriving at a solution that truly covers all American citizens. The health and welfare of the average person is, by dint of their own words and actions, not a high concern among The Republican Party nor the apparently the good “Christian” folk who vote for them in lockstep regardless of the mountains of lies.

    You did not even attempt to answer or reconcile any of the questions or contradictions raised by myself and others. (surprise!)

    That’s the direct opposite of helpful. Supporting inaction, in direct point of fact, harms those in our society that are most in need of help. Pointedly and including, the tens of millions of Americans who but for the ACA would have no insurance coverage of any kind.

    Whatever minor acts of charity you effect within your small circle do not help pay for chemotherapy for a working mother in Ohio.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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