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    There are a ton of sites that point out all the conspiracy theories about 9/11. However, there are still some interesting facts that stand.

    1. Very few High School students today have any memory of 9/11.

    2. Though NYC asked for 30,000 body bags even two days after the event, 28,000 were not needed. The final count for all fatalities at all locations, including DC and Pennsylvania was 2,751. Sadly, many who perished could not be identified.

    3. Those who died originally came from 83 different countries, with Great Britain the 2nd most after the U.S.

    4. There was a planned follow up attack on the west coast that fizzled out. It included LA’s Library Tower, and Seattle’s Columbia Tower.

    5. Former Seattle anchor Aaron Brown was on his first day at CNN and was the lead anchor for most of the attacks.

    Waynes World

    I hope the point is not that Bush personally flew the planes into those buildings. he was not in the area at all


    Bush did NOT fly the planes into the WTC.

    Remember, he went AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard.


    I think we all know what W did and did not do leading up to, and on the day of, 9/11. It was not pretty.


    It seems really creepy to me that New York City so grossly overestimated its need for body bags.

    The people who were unable to escape the World Trade Center were pulverized! Circa 2006, CBS broadcast a documentary about one the New York fire departments that responded to the attacks. One of the fire fighters stated that after the buildings came down, all that was left was a fine dust; there were no identifiable fragments of office furniture or equipment (or, presumably, of humans).


    Oh, I don’t know. It was a pretty horrible event. Properly assessing the outcome seems unlikely.

    Needing lots of bags may have seemed rational, not morbid.


    W was warned and ignored the threat. I’m willing to forgive this kind of incompetence, but when you look at how we responded to 9/11 under W, it’s emabarrasing. Worst ever adminstration in the history of the US.

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