9 people killed in church!

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    Yesterday the Statesman Journal printed several Op Ed pieces from around the country concerning the Confederate flag.

    One of the best I saw was from the Atlanta Journal Constitution (Capitol of the Confederacy);

    For much of his adult life, Roof has lived in a world where respected men and women portray our country as having been conquered by an alien force and in need of liberation — by force if necessary.

    Since Roof was a teen, a mixed-race man has been president of the United States, his election portrayed as the ultimate closing of our racial divide. But soon after that election, how often would Roof have heard from people vested with authority that the president was an African-born impostor plotting to undermine American society? How often has he heard urgent pleas from respected men and women to take back our country, to in fact arm ourselves to do so? How often has he heard the exaggerated tales of black people getting special favors at the expense of whites? …

    I could not locate a direct link the the AJC so here’s the link to the Statesman;


Viewing 46 post (of 46 total)
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