6-3 Conservative SCOTUS coming up!

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    If Bush had lost Florida in 2000, Gore would’ve been President and it is only possible that Bush would’ve even run, let alone won in 2004, so there is only a possibility that Supreme Court justices would’ve been installed under his watch. If Gore had become President, the economy clicked along and there were no scandals, he probably would’ve been re-elected and would’ve picked his own justices. One could argue that there wouldn’t be a stock market crash in 2008, Obama wouldn’t need to have pulled out of it(if he was even elected)and Trump might not have run but it’s only speculation!


    The Democrats need to add three more liberal justices to make it even. That is their only chance, but the Democrats first need to have a majority in the Senate as well as Biden in the White House. A week from now, we may know.


    Yeah, and even if they re-take the Senate, they would need to eliminate the filibuster – a monumental change that would make things easier in the short term for Democrats to get a lot of things done, but if Republicans re-gain control of everything again in 2024, it may not seem like such a wise idea.

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)
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