47 GOP Senators Broke the Law With Iran Letter

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    I see it this way:

    Their group effort translates into, “we don’t have faith and confidence in our leader, deal with us instead”

    It plays out according to who is bat shit and who isn’t.

    Obama isn’t bat shit, they are.

    Won’t go well for the Republicans.

    If Obama were bat shit?

    Then it may well have played out just fine for Republicans.

    IMHO, this is a great example of “the bubble” where these clowns probably did think it makes sense, that the nation really is on the brink, etc…

    Now that reality is clashing with the bubble, some of the smarter ones will walk it back, while others will just take the ongoing ” ‘merika” dialog into clubs and other out of the spotlight places and continue to pound on drums, chant, and shit.


    The hatred of this President is unprecedented.

    Is it coincidental that Obama is the first African American President?

    I don’t believe it is.
    It may not be conscious for some, but the lack of respect I believe is rooted there.

    Tom Cotton, being from Arkansas is a clue.



    I don’t see it as universal, but the change in overall boundary acceptability perception was noticeable in the first few months after Obama was elected to office.

    There is also a general, “no holds barred” race to the bottom in play on the right, who has polarized to a degree I’m not sure is recoverable in the short term. So many “our way, or nothing” type statements are out there now, and on pretty much every issue.

    FOX basically exists to reinforce this full time on everything, daily cycle too.

    It’s not all racism, though racism is a contributing factor, or resonant one. Whatever.

    Really, the bigger problem is the no option type framing used consistently now. Saying, “no” isn’t done without this framing anymore. An enemy is required. Some great doom is required. That “no” isn’t always rational, fact based, data driven, and is frequently associated with ideologically pure policy visions.

    The need for purity, and the implication of it all getting better if we can just get it ideologically pure, coupled with the “if we don’t, the world will end” framing has made for a real mess.

    …resulting in garbage like this. Pretty embarrassing, and indicative of how broken our political dialog really is.

    Us and them, never we as a nation, people, etc… anymore.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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