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    Michi at RECNET.COM made a list of by-state applicants from the recent NCE filing window.




    For Oregon, Jefferson Public Radio (SOU) is trying to place stations in Port Orford and Bandon for example.

    The nearest application to Portland (on the Oregon side) is 216C3 in Brightwood plus a cluster of competitors in the Hood River area. On the NortH Coast, filings for Hebo and Bay City were noted


    A few sketchy applications in there. They were somewhat clueless.
    (Can’t go into details yet.)


    That looks like 91.1 on Mt. Hood.


    Speaking of 91.1, remember the CP of 91.1 KZME? They didn’t built and had to downgrade to Class A from Class C3 due to Bureau of Land Management.

    Will this application stay at Class C3 or downgrade to Class A?


    There’s a C1, couple C2’s, and a C3 on Mt Hood now.


    I remember KZME, but I think that Wikipedia incorrectly states that KZME broadcast on 91.1 MHz. In my recollection, KZME was carried on the 107.1 MHz translator, but this translator received its audio from a KQAC HD subchannel. That meshes with the above statement of the 91.1 MHz construction permit never being built.

    If the 91.1 construction permit on Mount Hood occurs, is that the end of KXRY?


    KXRY SHOULD override it within the former’s 60dbu contour.


    KZME has been essentially absorbed into KXRY. I don’t remember if MetroEast still owns or controls the translator 107.1 or not. The original class D KXRY license is still 91.1 at the tower on Rocky Butte, and that feeds OTA the translator at Stonehenge.


    Andy Brown

    Re: Brightwood, KZME, MetroEast, 91.1:

    The original construction permit was for 91.1 (KXRY did not yet exist) and is from the application I did when I was working for Mike Brown in 2007. The original CP was for a C3 that required a quite challenging rectangular pattern that would be not only expensive to build but also IIRC barely met the 85% rule. Back then the proposal had to protect co-channels then KYPL to the NW and KWAX to the SW, first adjacent KOAB (both their licensed and then CP grant for a power increase) to the South, and 2nd adjacent KBOO and KOPB-FM. It also had Channel 6 KOIN TV protection issue but due to the small number of population effected was able to pass scrutiny (less than 3,000 persons is the limit). It also had RFR potential issues and would have required measurements to be taken. Original HAG was 21 meters, HAMSL was 1850 meters, HRCAGL was 15 meters and HAAT was 507 meters. ERP = 0.380 kW. Nulls were at 60º, 280º and 300º. Nobody expected it to be built as granted. Then it got moved a very short distance due to ongoing leasing issues (I don’t have those numbers for the less radical but still directional Class A on file, Mike Johnson also working for Mike Brown did that one I think), but there was power to the site issues and then the snow slowed down everything and on and on and on. Anyway, the programming from Metro, the applicant, called itself KZME but had no OTA license, this application proposing to be the remedy for that. Then Reed College sold it’s license to Common Frequency in Davis, CA who filed on 91.1 in SE Portland which ended up being a series of steps ending at the south end of Rocky Butte, gave it to the Cascade Educational Broadcast System folks to run and KXRY was born with CEBS eventually becoming the licensee. Not to even mention the issues with BLM or NFS or whoever managed the site(s). I don’t imagine the new proposal differs all that much (in general) but any site up there of C3 class would likely be on government land (I haven’t seen the new proposal). The other caveat is that Brightwood is the only (barely) eligible community for new service (important in NCE comparative point system), so the new pattern has to cover that area which is in the western edge of the boxed in area available for a new 91.1 conforming to the protections discussed above. A non DA Class A from the original site barely got that done with such poor pop count it wasn’t worth proposing. Even the pop count for the granted proposal had dismal pop count numbers. Metro never built it out because there would be no chance of getting into Portland as a rim shot with KXRY on Rocky Butte. Also, K296FT (107.1) with which XRAY has blossomed is still licensed to Metro although CEBS has a long term lease on it.


    FCC’s published the official MX list.

    The “Fort Ward Amateur Radio Club, Nce Fm Broadcasting Station” numbnuts on Bainbridge Island filed for 8 frequencies. Class C no less. All were rejected for multiple overlap violations.

    Otherwise it’s a pileup!

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