2018 Mid-Term Realities

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    1. President Trump now has a much more comfortable majority in the Senate, which will make it easier for him to replace Supreme Court justices and two are now in their 80’s. Elections come every two years. Supreme Court justices can last for DECADES. In the tradition of FDR, let the court packing continue.

    2. Democrat Senators in tight races who voted against Justice Kavanaugh lost. The left severely overplayed their hand there, with several women now admitting they lied. This also helped prevent more Democrat wins.


    3. Such continued overplaying will help the President in 2020, when it really matters. Mr. Trump was not on the ticket in 2018 and by increasing the GOP majority in the Senate, this President can also negotiate better trade deals with less Democrat intransigence.

    4. It will be fun to watch the House as gridlock ensues. Democrats continue to offer little else but ‘resist, which will only further embolden Republicans in 2020. Gridlock means less governmental influence in our lives. Democrats will now have to try and govern, plus any suggestion of impeachment will meet a Republican-dominated Senate.

    5. Bottom line: Few would trade the sizable overall Republican political advantage for a thin margin in the House. This President bucked the historic trend and actually gained in one house of Congress, while minimizing what so many leftist shills insisted would be a ‘blue wave.’ Comparing Mr. Trump’s change in Congressional seats with the former administration shows how lackluster Barry’s experience with mid-terms were. This President outperformed not only him with last night’s Senate seat increase, but also Reagan and Clinton.

    6. FISA declassification by the President is an ‘end run’ around the left’s Russia narrative, which will only further expose Democrat malfeasance. Prepare for Strzok, Page & company to receive their comeuppance. Along with Mr. Huber’s lengthy indictment list, expect another ‘game changer’ Democrats don’t see coming.

    7. Having lost more than 1,000 nationwide Democrat seats during Barry’s tenure, it’s natural for leftists to crow about any change in their abysmal record. Reality will hit once Democrats realize they won’t get much done without Republican help.

    Advantage: GOP





    I must admit agreement with #4 above. Until the next Presidential election or the next mid-terms, there will be plenty of gridlock.

    Andy Brown

    Spin on, Herb. Once January rolls around drumpf will be on defense until he is done which may be sooner than you want. Once the American public is better informed about drumpf’s criminal activities, his tax returns and his emoluments transgressions – all your hopes and dreams will vanish into the ether.

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