2018 IPAWS National Test (WEA and EAS)

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    Where did you hear the national test today? How was the audio quality?

    Received the WEA on T-Mobile and Verizon with no issues in NE PDX.

    Heard the EAS test on KATU, KUNP (Spanish), and KSFL-LP. Audio sounded great!


    Don’t tell anyone, but I didn’t get the alert on my phone. Must be another advantage of being on a low cost prepaid service!

    So … the “Presidential” alert system? That orange haired lying bastard doesn’t get enough attention Tweeting multiple times each day? Now he can push a button and force himself onto our phones?

    I sure hope, like the nuclear football, someone else actually is holding the device, and there are some rules in place. Otherwise, I’d feel “violated”.


    EAS Test came though my cell phones. Then few minutes later EAS test message showed up on Comcast systems. Both in English and Spanish message. This should included CenturyLink video service (Prism TV) as well.

    Devices where the EAS Test did not show up. CenturyLink landline (Old School Telephone). This should of been a reverse 911 call back. This function is currently handled by local area EOC’s.

    And there is still some work that needs to be done. When it comes to EAS Messages. By way of home/office based computers and other mobile based devices using a Internet/data connection.


    Got 2 texts…one at 11:18 and another at 11:19am on my Traxfone…had some sort of sounder sdfx at same time that I cannot seem to replicate…local station coverage at 11:21 as planned…audio was somewhat distorted.


    I deliberately left my phone at home so my watch would be using cellular only. The alert came through on the watch at 11:18 with plenty of sound and vibration. I was hiking on Skinner Butte.


    Got the page on my cell phone first. Then, heard it on KQRZ-LP. I immediately switched to KLTH and didn’t hear it. Then, I heard it on KLTH after it ended on KQRZ. It broke into local programming on each station and the audio was fine. Interesting how the LP aired it before the full power…


    I was at home. My cellphone got the alert at 11:18 with a moderately loud buzzing noise. A simple tap on an “OK” icon cleared the message off my screen.

    Comcast test started at 11:22 with usual cue tones. Male voice over (no prob listening to him, in contrast to the last one a few years ago) was prerecorded and was accompanied by four pages of text, fullscreen with white text over blue background, mirroring the voice over. Usual out cue tones, too. MSNBC ran an ad break while they waited for the alert to come down the line. I didn’t have a radio on, so no idea how it went out on local stations.

    Dan Packard

    I happened to be shopping at Trader Joe’s. I heard someone else’s phone alert in the aisle. However, my Moto G phone didn’t alert until about 10 minutes later when I was getting in my car.

    I heard Trump’s voice saying “Witch Hunt”.

    Lol, just kidding on that last part. 🙂

    Steve Naganuma

    Here is the KBPS aircheck of the test. No option to delay. It immediately started airing on KBPS upon receiving it.

    [audio src="http://www.mediafire.com/file/k6ea422fnq11tw9/2018_10_03_KBPS+Air_11-00.mp3" /]

    Not sure why the link is not displaying correctly. If you copy the text between the quotation marks in your browser, you can download the aircheck.


    Users cannot opt out of receiving the WEA test.

    Yeah you can; patch your firmware. Or do like I do and just don’t have a cell phone at all. I mean, duh.

    FTR, things like this just help confirm why I’m glad I don’t have one.


    I got it on my flip-phone, which really surprised me.


    KXRU got it from both sources. KOPB and KXL. Nothing on my cell phone. Xfinity is the provider.

    Scott Young

    Our family of four is on an AT&T account. Our kids both got the alert on their phones while my wife and I did not.

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