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    Has anyone noticed this before? I never knew it was there and it’s not listed in any of the TIS directories. All hail the Mighty K-Zoo!


    I can hear a very faint signal on 1660 from Hillsboro. It appears that they are broadcasting parking information, but I cannot be certain what is being said. In fact, the signal is so faint that I couldn’t tell that there was anything on 1660 before I unplugged my laptop AC adapter–and this is using an outdoor loop antenna.

    If you hadn’t told me about the Washington park station and I had found the signal by some happy coincidence, I would have thought that I was hearing some sporadic daytime skip, as I occasionally do on some other expanded band frequencies.


    I have not heard it before… thanks for the “heads up” quite weak in Hillsboro on my Icom… not heard on Eton E-5 or Tecsun portables.

    Middle of winter/rainy day… wonder why the lot and overflow lots are full?

    W2WR275 id about every 5 minutes.

    correction WQWR275:


    Being heard here in Kalama, WA with Washington Park and Oregon Zoo information. Weak signal mixing with another station. JRC NRD 545 Long wire antenna.


    Thanks for heads up. I will have to give it a shot from the Oregon Coast! I have heard several TIS stations from the PDX metro area.


    mwdxer… do you still have a super long “beverage” antenna?

    I did not hear it early this morning, but it is decent now. Same “Lots are full, proceed to sunset transit center” message. Wonder if it is on when the lots are *not* full?

    Tuned my loop (was still padded down to 180 kHz…duh!) signal is much better (S-3 with S-1 background noise).


    Cannot hear 1660 here in Camas. Just the bleed over from 1640. That stinking TRN. Yucky!


    Yes, I have 1500′ running at about 75 degrees to the East. But the past few months I have been dealing with a lot of noise, but the Eastern Beverage nulls most of it.
    I use a Drake R8 receiver. The antenna is read with Rg6 to a homebrew matching transformer. It works pretty well. I have had the antenna since the early 80s, but have replaced the wire.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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