1640 KDZR Off the Air


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    The format (and language) switch promptly happened at midnight. “La Patrona 1640 ha llegado” as one would say.

    Pretty funny website graphics now appear during the transition – the “La Patrona 1640” logo now has been embedded in “The Patriot” website (thepatriotportland.com) among the listings for all the conservative talk shows. A similar mix-up also shows among the new website: lapatrona1640.com . KDZR is already promoting its “LaPatrona1640” website.


    I have been listening to La Patrona. The format focus is “Exitos del ayer” (yesterday’s hits). I have to attempt some signal strength measurements when I have a chance. I wonder whether they are using their night power 24 hours a day. I was driving on Brookwood Parkway in Hillsboro today, which does not have overhead utility lines, and there was so much interference that I could not understand the traffic reporter who came on, though I could easily hear the music.


    It should get better when they move to Scholls Ferry Road, at least for you.


    From 530 to 1700 its (A)ll (M)exican radio


    ¡Si señor!

    I agree that 1640 will be much better at the more centrally-located Scholls Ferry Rd. transmitter location.

    As promised, I took some signal strength readings earlier today. I am convinced that KDZR is broadcasting on its night power, regardless of the time of day. Taking the 1640 measurement during the day as baseline:

    • The 1640 night measurement fluctuated, even when interfering stations were nulled out. What I thought was the “true” (stable) signal strength was +3 dB with respect to what I measure during the day. I suspect that this could be due to high angle skip and backscattering “helping out” the signal.
    • The 1520 night measurement is +19 dB. Zipsignal says that I should see +17 dB.
    • The 1520 day measurement is +23 dB. Zipsignal says that I should see +22 dB.

    1640 is currently suffering from occasional low modulation and mismatched audio levels. I noted that again this morning.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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