15 Year-old Professional Motorcycle Racer Killed in Race!

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    Can someone explain to me how a 15 year-old child is even allowed to BE a professional motorcycle racer? This smacks of child abuse! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dean_Berta_Vi%C3%B1ales

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    I became curious about this, and I found out that Supersport 300 regulations state that the minimum age to participate is (surprise!) 15. This event is a replacement for the now-defunct European Junior Cup, which started out as a teen riders’ competition.

    If the question is in regard to the kind of parents that would allow their children to race motorcycles, I am drawing a blank. Years ago, when I lived in Texas, I recall that a young “cowboy” type guy mentioned that his mom and girlfriend strongly wanted him to re-consider participating in a rodeo. He said nothing about his dad sharing this same type of hesitation.


    I’m having trouble being outraged. The death may be very unfortunate, but everyone went into that deal with eyes wide open. Perhaps the state(s) should set a higher minimum age. But what’s the magic number?

    Suppose they raise the age to 18. Nothing changes with regard to the inherent risks in that sport. Maybe the young rider gains more experience (but where?).

    I dunno.


    The legal age to ride a motorcycle in Spain is 15. This seems to be a common threshold in Europe, although some countries’ laws have specific limits on the engine displacements of the motorcycles that young riders are allowed to use. In some European countries, the age to ride a moped is a few years lower than that to ride a motorcycle, much as in some U.S. states (such as Ohio).

    Nevertheless, since these races are off-road events, I imagine that the age thresholds associated with obtaining a motorcycle license do not apply.


    I’m not sure that parents can protect their kids of all danger. Of course they can provide guidelines and suggestions, but in the end they need to let their teens make their own decisions as part of growing up. Child abuse? No.

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