1,318 False or misleading claims to date

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    Andy Brown

    5 lies a day is the average for the drumpf character. It’s hard to believe that a single fabulist such as drumpf could actually generate this much misleading bullshit per day, but there are very few if any of his lies and misleading non truths listed in any of the available databases tracking such things that are the result of over zealous reporting or left sided ambition.
    It’s all right there to see every day on the screen.

    drumpf is quick to make claims full of superlatives β€” the greatest this and the most beautiful that β€” with little to no empirical evidence to support them. Trump proposed deep tax cuts, but so far, he has released only a nine-page framework that would start negotiations with lawmakers. Yet since five months ago, he flatly proclaimed his plan β€œis actually bigger than Reagan tax cuts.”

    drumpf’s modus operandi is easily discredited by simply stating known facts, something drumpf is apparently allergic to.



    Clearly, drumpf is the most dishonest president in history.




    On the up side, today, Dortard’s babysitter gave the most honest press conference since, well, Josh.


    Andy Brown

    When you start to realize (start?) that drumpf is really a stupid self serving egomaniac with blatant disregard for freedom, peace and good health it is difficult to accept a political system that is corrupt and being controlled by the far worse of the two main political parties.



    In comparison to the lack of Truth from the previous Administration the current White House is a refreshing change.
    Literal interpretations of and reactions to Trump are his greatest weapons. Ask “Rocket Man”.
    Jeff Bezos does own the WaPost y’know.



    Cite ten Obama lies, cbaravelli. Oh heck, cite five.



    When the remains of 4 soldiers ambushed in Benghazi returned home, both Obama and Clinton were there.

    When the remains of 4 soldiers ambushed in Niger returned home, Trump was playing golf.

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