116th Congress

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    Aaaaaaaaaaand…we’re off.




    There is a lot of sentiment towards impeachment…but I don’t think that will happen, personally. As far as dropping the MotherF-bomb, take that in stride. Trump is no angel when it comes to the F-bomb, among his other more creative semantics.



    Hard to know whether Broadway is upset at the F-bomb or the I-bomb. I suspect he has no problem with Trump’s profanity or had none when Republicans impeached Clinton for lying about sex.



    I’m quite sure Broadway would not have posted anything if similar comments and language had been directed toward Obama when he was president.



    Considering there’s something crazy going on with Trump every single day, whether it’s ludicrous tweeting or bizarre cabinet meetings, the lack of discussion here is an indication that we’re all just worn out by it all. Possibly a little speechless as there’s nothing left to say. Mouths agape, words fail us.

    I think it’d be a good deal for everyone if Trump were offered incremental payments of $500M per month for one year toward his decorative steel slats, but on one condition: He cannot tweet for that month. If he tweets even one time, he forfeits that month’s $500M. Very simple. He potentially gets more than his $5B, and we get relief from his insane tweeting.


    Andy Brown


    Nah. He’d never be able to not tweet. It’s his biggest ego stroke when he looks at his “followers” numbers. But if he “agrees” you must withhold first payment until he goes a full month without a tweet, that way we can avoid losing the 500M initial payment.

    In other news, POTUS said on Friday that he would consider using emergency powers to bypass Congress in building a wall on the southern border.

    drumpf made the remarks shortly after meeting with congressional leaders to try to resolve a two-week partial government shutdown prompted by drumpf’s demands for more than $5 billion for physical border barriers. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly said Democrats, who have the majority in the House as of Thursday, would not grant the president any additional money for the wall.


    This all reminds me of Reagan and his Star Wars laser satellites (aka SDI).



    The benefits to the Ds of the new members taking a more aggressive stance is that it will give Pelosi a stronger hand to play. She won’t have to negotiate with herself anymore. Boehner and Ryan appeared reasonable with the Freedom Caucus. I imagine the new members will have the same impact on Pelosi.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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