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    Yes all our problems are gone. The stock market is up this morning. Everything is beautiful!



    Facebook has banned Trump from posting through the inauguration. One report implies the ban is permanent. Twitter is waffling on the issue but I hope they do the same.


    And now the resignations come.

    Elaine Chao resigns, effective immediately.

    What sucks about this is that it makes invoking the Twenty-Fifth Amendment harder.


    Mick Mulvaney also resigned.

    How could anyone still connected to Trump want that stain on their résumé? Show that you had some backbone and left him, even if it’s in the final days of his “presidency”.

    The 25th Amendment is just not going to happen, likewise another impeachment. Much as I would like them to.


    At least one republican has joined in calling for the 25th amendment and William Barr said that Trump betrayed his office and blamed him for causing the riot! It occurred to me that a Trump pardon, at this point, will not go over well, to say the least!


    ya know …

    I’m having a change of heart. 25th won’t happen as all the adults have quite the administration.

    So. Impeach away. Drump can have the record of the only President impeached TWICE. Perhaps Congress can start every day with another article of impeachment.


    Gosh … how much fun that the last few days of McConjob’s reign would be constitutionally required that he stop business and take up a trial.

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    I am still just a little terrified because nobody knows what Trump is capable of doing in the next 13 days.

    Edit: looks like the house may start a 2nd impeachment. And this one might succeed.


    If the House (and now the Senate) were smart, they would have been continually preparing and updating new articles of impeachment. Now they just need to drop in the most recent of his impeachable actions and get it moving. I don’t care if it fails or that we’re running down the clock. Just do it.

    Also, if possible, he should be barred from ever occupying that office again.

    Trump is like a caged animal now. He’s isolated from reality, everyone has turned against him, even FOX News for the most part, he has nobody. He can’t Tweet or post on Facebook so he’s lost his megaphone.

    Giuliani and Don Jr. should also be strung up on charges for encouraging violence by the mob.

    MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough went on a furious rant this morning against Trump, Trump Jr, and Giuliani, calling for their immediate arrest. He even dropped a live F-Bomb. You can find the video easily. In fact, here you go.



    It is done, but I still am concerned about the next 12 days.


    “Education Secretary” Betsy DeVos just resigned.


    I’m concerned too. But I did find out that Trump can be banned in the future from running for office. That I did not know.


    Impeachment is the best bet for removing Trump, but it won’t be able to be expedited as quickly as we might wish. Still need to get Warnock and Osssoff certified in GA, then sworn in, then Senate trial (which Schumer could fast track). In the meantime, the House could get the articles of impeachment approved and out the door.

    In the end, unlikely that impeachment will get Trump out the door early. But it has positives: 1) gets under his skin, 2) keeps him from ever running for federal office again, 3) if convicted gives him the ignominious distinction of being the only twice-impeached president if not convicted, and the only impeached and convicted president if convicted.

    I think it’s work a shot.


    Trump’s statement today was much more contrite than…ever? He came close to condemning the violence and finally admitted a “new administration” would be sworn in on January 20 and that he would cooperate for a peaceful transition of power. Not defiant at all. It’s the speech he should have given two months ago.

    Maybe he is suddenly running scared.

    The House should impeach anyway as a deterrent. If he steps out of line in the next week, the Senate would have the option to hold a quick trial and boot him. But if the House backs off of impeachment quickly, it will soon be too late – it could be done quickly in the House but not in an hour. Probably takes a few days at at least so would basically need to start tomorrow or the next day to have much impact.

    Impeaching Trump just to convict and prevent him from holding office again is still worth doing even if done after he leaves office. Ted Cruz would be thrilled, as it would make his path for 2024 easier.


    I say impeach and put senate GOP on record.


    The video of Ted Cruz being the first to object to the ratification of the electoral results, and the mayhem that quickly followed, will haunt him for the rest of his political career.

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