Re: Washington State Radio Happenings


It appears your wishes have come true. You can once again be able to safely hear 101.1 out of PDX and 101.1 from Vancouver BC mix together in unintelligible trash in Olympia. Many lives were lost but it was worth it, as all the legal broadcasts that were snuffed out by the pirate at 101.1 Olympia are now free to broadcast unfettered. Serving no one.

How many listeners to 101.1 in PDX and Vancouver are there in Oly? 0

How many listeners to 98.5 in Oly wanted to somewhat hear 98.5 in Victoria? 0

How many local stations were being jammed by micro transmitters at 101.1 and 98.5 in Oly? 0

But by God we sure showed them pirates a thing or three about attempting to use the public airwaves without being a large corporation. Those pirates were sure hurting a lot of broadcasters. And they were sure a menace to the public, what with being hippies and all…publicizing Food Banks and Clothing Drives. ’tis the work of Satan, I tells ya.