Re: Washington State Radio Happenings


Thought this was relevant since about half of CBC’s signals cover Washington.

This from All Access:

CBC Budget Cuts Lead To Cancellation Of ‘Dispatches,’ Radio One Dramas

The CBC’s budget ax has fallen on the English-language radio side, with the Canadian national broadcaster announcing the cancellation of CBC RADIO ONE’s “DISPATCHES” and the end of all drama programming on RADIO ONE as part of a $3 million budget cut. 18 jobs will be lost on the radio side in the cuts.

Also taking a hit at CBC English Services in the $86 million total cut was the CBC’s news department, which will lose $10 million and 88 jobs; CBC NEWS NETWORK’s “CONNECT WITH MARK KELLEY”; the network’s documentary department; CBC SPORTS, which will convert “SPORTS WEEKEND” to seasonal status and cut back on coverage of amateur sports; and CBC KIDS, which will cut back programming by four hours.