Re: Washington State Radio Happenings


Thought this was relevant since about half of CBC’s signals cover Washington.

This from All Access:

CBC To Downsize Staff Over Three Years

Public broadcaster CANADIAN BROADCASTING CORP. will adopt aggressive measures to cope with a $115 million cut in federal funding, the VANCOUVER SUN reports. Among them include cuts of 800 jobs in the next three years, employee pension revisions, putting commercials on RADIO 2 and ESPACE MUSIQUE — but not RADIO 1 — and finding ways to save rent.

Of the 650 full-time CBC media jobs being eliminated, 475 will be lost this fiscal year, 150 jobs in the 2013-2014 fiscal year and the rest the year after. That’s about 9% of the CANADIAN BROADCASTING CORP.’s total workforce. In addition, 150 management jobs will be eliminated.

In the press release, the CBC also noted that it was “moving away from” shortwave and satellite in favor of the web, as well as eliminating the Russian and Brazilian-language services to concentrate on French, English, Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin.