Re: Washington State Radio Happenings


KTBI now there is an old callsign with history…Tacoma Broadcast Incorporated..the precursor to 850-KTAC. For years a picture on the wall of our station group over here…Triathalon,Deschutes,AMFM and finally NNB. Engineer Bill Glenn recovered it from the transmitter building of the old KTAC site in S.E Tacoma ( McKinley Hill )…I wanted that picture soo bad..but others had dibs on it…I think Bill Still has it..Bill did ( and may still do ) consulting work for the fellow who now owns KTBI in Ephrata..he worked in the late 40s for that station before it was KTAC which he later bought !! I forget his name..was it Tom Smith ?/ Something like that…anyway..KTBI was on something like 1590..I think..

The picture was of KTBI’s tower located on top of a 8 story building along Pacific avenue in downtown Tacoma. Across the steet from the old Puget Sound National Bank building. The transmitter was located ACROSS the street from the Tower !!! At the studio site…and no less…the FEEDLINE was buried UNDERNEATH Pacific avenue !!! yep…and ran UP the building to the top on the other side…LOLZ…It was a ladder line feeder too…BOY…a real engineering job it was there !!