Re: Washington State Radio Happenings


This from All Access:

KMAS Flips To News-Talk

OLYMPIC BROADCASTING Oldies KMAS-A-K281BM/SHELTON, WA has flipped to News-Talk as “1030 KMAS AND NEWSRADIO 104.1.”

The lineup includes TALK RADIO NETWORK’s “AMERICA’s MORNING NEWS” 3-6a, the local “DAYBREAK WITH JEFF AND DALE” 6-9a, TRN’s “AMERICA’S RADIO NEWS NETWORK” 9a-9p, TRN’s RUSTY HUMPHRIES 9p-midnight, and TRN’s PHIL HENDRIE midnight-3a. Local segments and shows are included within the news programming, including a daily stock report at 7:45a and garden show at 12:30p.