Re: Washington State Radio Happenings


Amazed they could get 35K for this, actually amazed that they are even still on the air at all. Daytimer. 500 watts. COL has 90+ additional available stations, per radio-locator, and having been there many times this I don’t doubt.

Friend of mine and I made them an offer some years ago of 75K- our thinking being that we would give the thing a try with a nostalgia format and positioning that swung for the San Juan Islands as well- a BIG pocket of monied retirees and the only other place the signal went. Owners at that time wanted us to commit to 10 years of broadcasting- but our plan was to try it for 3 and it it didn’t fly $$$wise to take it dark and build houses on the transmitter site. Since it has been more than 10 years, I guess they got what they wanted.