Re: Washington State Radio Happenings


Yeah, bozo artsies like Chief Justice William O. Douglas, Walter Brattain, co-inventor of the transistor, Ralph Cordiner, former president of General Electric, US Ambassador Ryan Crocker. You know…bozos.

And as far as having to hire a good lawyer- they send roughly 40 a year on to Duke Law in an exchange program. SO probably pro bono for the alma mater.

SO, yeah, hippies and morons. Are you thinking of Reed, perhaps? 😀

Class of ’87

GM student owned KWCW ’85 and ’86, PD ’84 and ’85.

BTW, Live and Local 24/7 with an all-volunteer staff of 85 to 90, at least in that era. And not owned by the school; actually owned by the students. And for the better part of 45 years very legal…