Re: “War Of The Worlds” Shocks Portland & N.W.


This from All Access:

KPCC To Air Orson Welles Special

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PUBLIC RADIO noncommercial News-Talk KPCC/PASADENA-LOS ANGELES will air a special audio documentary on ORSON WELLES on the 73rd anniversary of the first airing of WELLES’ legendary “Martian invasion” version of H.G. WELLS’ “WAR OF THE WORLDS.”

“AIRBORNE: A LIFE IN RADIO WITH ORSON WELLES,” produced by film documentarian R.H. GREENE, will air twice over the HALLOWEEN weekend as part of the station’s “OFF-RAMP” magazine hosted by JOHN RABE, once at noon (PT) on SATURDAY (10/29) and again at 7p SUNDAY (10/30). A podcast with 20 extra minutes will be posted at the KPCC website the same week.

“The War of the Worlds was fantastic radio,” said GREEN, “which is why it’s still revived on dozens of stations every HALLOWEEN. But few people know that Welles also pursued careers as a radio comedian, a wartime propagandist, and a serious political commentator over the air, or that his American radio career ended with a heroic act of great personal sacrifice.

“It’s a great American story, one I’ve always felt was hiding in plain sight — neglected, I think, because of the hectic nature of WELLES’ radio experiments and because the world of radio’s ‘golden age’ is so remote to us today.”