Re: The Weagant’s KKEY & More


Hey Craig:

Jim did the afternoon drive slot for about a year or so — from 1991 to 1992. I co-hosted with him for a couple of months in 1992, then took over for him. Steve Bradley co-hosted with me for some months until my first tenure at KKEY ended. Being a small station I did sales, weekend board opping, and had the official title of Chief Operator for awhile while Ron Hudson was ill.

I’ve worked for a lot of stations, mostly in California. KKOS, KBON, KIQY, KOWN (and I’m sure a couple of others where I can’t remember the call letters — mostly ADI markets). In Oregon, I’ve worked for KFAT/KLOO (sales, doing remotes), KVAN (co-hosted a show with Dick Thyne who had an extensive broadcast background), KBNP (very short time with Jim McKkey and Jim Greenfield).

For KKGT I was hired on as the station manager initially then fell into doing more sales, then J.D. Fort was hired as my replacement. Don’t remember the exact months for KKGT, just 1997 or so. (The older I get the fuzzier the dates get.)