Re: The Weagant’s KKEY & More


Absolutely incredible info on this thread. I worked two times at this station (1st time KKEY, next KKGT) and it was the most interesting radio station where I’ve been employed. Ted Piccolo (one of the former owners) turned me on to this thread and it’s amazing the amount of info. Someone could easily write a book. Don’t know if people would believe half of the stuff, though.

Was pretty good pals with Jim McKkey (nee’ Jim Mathews) who originally worked the 3PM to 6PM shift then was switched to 6AM to 8AM (which I cohosted) after a tiff with Linda. Jim Cuomo took over the afternoon shift. Have lost touch with JM. His parents used to own Ace Mathews Dog Shows which is how Jim got hooked up with Don Koss and co-hosted Portland Wrestling for a short time. (Former wrestler, “Tough Tony Borin” used to work for JM’s parents in their dog show enterprise.)

The legendary blow-ups between the KKEY management and various and sundry talk show hosts are true. My bet is that the funniest ones involved Jerry Dimmitt. Kinda amazes me the screaming that took place. Dimmitt, along with others, was forced to sue Western Broadcasting over a wage dispute. As most of these things go, it was settled out of court after an arbitration hearing.