Re: The Weagant’s KKEY & More


It was my understanding that Laura maintained talking to the woman OFF the air but I believe 11:20 AM would be during her show. If it was off the air, it would have to be on the business line, not the one for the talk show because the talk show line was only sent to the studio when on the air. That means the entire conversation would have to be ON the air, if any part of it was and clearly, it wasn’t. We have our answer, without having to rely on anyone’s memory. Pretty cool! In the back of my head, it seems like someone might have filled in for her because she was on the phone. The time of 11:20AM could just be misplaced with the conversation beginning before 11:00. Incidentally, I’ve never heard of Paul Stevens. He may have been someone employed by one of the talk show hosts to sell his/her show and split the commission.