Re: The Weagant’s KKEY & More


Craig, I think you have the wrong date for this lineup. When did the format change occur? If the format change was on or before July 1st, that would make more sense. I was hired just a few days before starting and they brought all the FM people in together. The format was still Oldies on both stations at this point. They had to explain how to run both the old and new automation systems because the new one wouldn’t be ready for the launch but by the time I got there on the weekend, it was, as they said it would. I’m pretty sure Dick Byrd was also Operations Manager(in lieu of a PD). I believe Ed Keebler is the man who recognized and walked up to me on the Oregon Coast several years later. I remember Steve Glass of course, who was also at KISN and I think worked at KGAR when I was there. Ric Smith did overnights but I worked Sundays so I’m not sure if he did the regular shift or just the weekend. Tom Phelan came in Sunday morning sometime before 6AM and did the news. I’ll never forget the introduction: “This is Newswheel, a quarter hour of news, sports and weather, as compiled in the KPOK/KUPL newsroom. I’m Tom Phelan.” The rest of the week, it was a very young Neal Penland! Newswheel ran for 15 minutes and then repeated. Here’s the scenario: A person who has been listening to Beautiful Music for the past 5.5 hours goes into the control room and cues up a reel to reel tape and on cue, begins recording. At the end of the news and sports, the tape is stopped, rewound and cued while the weather is being read. This must be done before the man can utter the words, “and now for the second report on this morning’s Newswheel”. If you misguess the exact spot to slow down the tape or it runs off the reel, it’s all over!