Re: The demise of Talk radio in 1974 (KLIQ)


To Mark Andrews and to all wanting to know the inside secrets to the 8 second delay…here it is! I will preface this by saying that I was hired by Dave Jacks back in 72 or 73 fresh out of PCC broadcasting college. Dave asked me if I was “any good” I just responded “no”. He said your hired. He explained of the pending sale and such, but I was happy for even a short term job and he did not want a “hotshot”. OK…the Delay…easy,peasy…everything was on tape…a large tape(CART) on ONE 8 second loop. I engineered (produced) these shows in the 1972 – 1973 era and hitting and breaking away from 2 separate news feeds (AM and FM…top of hour AM 15 after FM news.