Re: Station Studio Longevity


Thanks Guys! It took about 8 hours of research. Most of the information was culled from radio histories researched years ago. What wasn’t written down was pulled from Portland Telephone book listings from 1946 to current.

“How about elsewhere in the state.”

Seguedad: It would be very difficult to present correctly since I haven’t researched stations as thoroughly across the state, plus I don’t have those telephone books to rely on. There might be enough information to present Salem stations which I’ll work on tonight and present.

Research was done for the McMinnville station but information was held because the station is so far removed from the Portland market. I believe smaller market stations might have a leg up on studio longevity since so many have their studios & transmitter in one location. Here’s the McMinnville example:

44 KLYC/KCYX/KMCM – 2163 Lafayette Ave. (McMinnville) – 1949-93.