Re: Station Studio Longevity


I believe perhaps KGON/KYMN/KYXI should be listed here as well. But I may not have the rules down exactly.

Lets see.. the Johnson Rd site was built in 1962 and I believe the studios were built at that time for KGON AM , then a callsign change to KYMN then to KYXI in 1966? or 67 ? So collectively this AM station on 1520 was studioed on Johnson Rd from 1962 to 1988 ??

Seems like it would be so.

And Paul,

I used to go up to that old studio bldg on Council Crest either with Mike Cooley or working for him in the early and mid 70s. Yes, it is a creepy building , or was ..It was all wooden , multiple levels , dark and forboding with lots of history. It is widely known now that high EMR , Electromagnetic radiation fields can cause , in some people , feelings of nervousness even mild paranoia or neuroligical skin sensations.