Re: Southern Oregon Radio Happenings


Speaking of having babies while working in the radio biz. My bride of 22 years Barb and I had our first child while working at Z100. Our daughter was born on Good Friday in 1993. The next morning among the many phone calls I made I called the station.

By that afternoon we had received flowers and a card from the station. Also unbeknownst to us the on-air staff had been announcing the birth on the air as well. When we finally got home the following day we had tons of phone calls from family and friends who said they had heard on Z100 we had our daughter.

Our first doctor visit since the birth we were greeted by the receptionist who said to us..”oh I have heard all about this baby!!”

It was truly a classy move on Z100s part and really made Barb and myself feel apart of the Z100 family.