Re: Seattle Radio Happenings


This from All Access:

Seattle, Cincinnati Stations Up For Auction

With FIRST BROADCASTING CAPITAL PARTNERS, LLC reportedly defaulting on loans, CAPITALSOURCE FINANCE LLC, as agent for the lenders, will be auctioning off the licenses of SEATTLE market move-in Oldies KMCQ/COVINGTON, WA and CINCINNATI-area Adult Hits WAOL (MAX FM)/RIPLEY, OH, and Spanish Variety WOXY (LA MEGA 97.7, LMAd to TSJ MEDIA)/MASON, OH on WEDNESDAY (2/23) in CHICAGO.

The auction, with the initial notice saying that the stations will be sold in a single lot but may be separated at the time of sale, will take place at 10a (CT) at the offices of K&L GATES LLP in CHICAGO. CAPITALSOURCE’s attorney MEGAN MORRISSEY at L&L GATES can be reached at