Re: Seattle Radio Happenings


Yeah, if they were smart the legal should be “KOMO-FM, Oakville, Seattle, Tacoma”.

On a related note, anyone hear about this Canadian outfit trying to bid on Fisher Broadcasting? Rebuked by Fisher big-time, but if the offer goes up, who knows. (Yes, I know the foreign-owned regulations, but there are certainly ways around that.) If this should happen it would most likely mean major changes for both Seattle and Portland on the tv side, and Seattle on the radio side.) Welcome to 2011!

Incidently, Fisher has all but abandoned its CBS affiliate in Idaho Falls/Pocatello (KIDK). They have entered into a “shared services” agreement with the local ABC affiliate (KIFI). KIFI will have all the power here, and will produce KIDK’s newscasts with shared reporters. Close to 30 local tv positions in that market GONE. This is happening more and more in smaller markets. Again, Happy 2011!