Re: Seattle Radio Happenings


Yes I know, another radio negative post. Hey guys! I LOVE radio. Most of us here do.

I hate to see money spent on yet another quality initiative with tepid potential, though it can have some sales potential, if nothing else to show *something* is being done, when the real issue is content innovation, and specifically, improved daily relevance.

Rule Based Radio (RBR, you read it here first TM) isn’t all that relevant, has shallow, if any real drama, and it’s not well suited to informing people, if that’s the basis for the broadcast.

Doesn’t matter how nice it might sound. Sort of like, “Nice girl, no brains, too bad…”

At least with iHEART, I can go get streams from anywhere there happens to be some radio worth listening to, or a great podcast… I will stream a little lefty talk that way, but I also will increasingly get that via podcast / app / stream too.

Maybe one of these days, when the debt house of cards falls down, somebody can pick up the pieces and get to work on content and there will be more interesting and positive discussion.